its called a chain reaction and shits just starting to go off

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    i feel that since a few weeks since this vid was posted
    [ame=]MSNBC: Rewriting legalization of marijuana - YouTube[/ame]

    its opened questions into the U.S and well this link kinda starts it off
    a Chicago city is decriminalizing a small amount of marijuana just a fine you have to pay and not jail time and it doesn't go on your record!
    baby steps to full legalization and this isn't dealing with Cali so that makes me think there MIGHT be hope for the U.S MIGHT BE HELP THOUGH not saying the U.S is cool again haha

    heres the link to see whats going on in Chicago's Evanstons

    Evanston Decriminalizes Marijuana: Small-Quantity Possession Punishable By Fine (VIDEO)
  2. Seeing as how the federal government is still in charge, I fear for the mayor or the officials in that city.
  3. yes thats always a thought however in the video is sounds like the mayor is for it and if this passes then other states will follow.
  4. Its the Domino Effect.

    Decriminalization/legalization are eminent and have been since we got MMJ states. The movement was just moving at a snails pace.

    Pickin up now. The next few years will be interesting thats for sure.

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