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its blunt time!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by <CaDeNcE>, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. i was bored so i decided i would roll some joints and i was really bored so i decided to take pictures of me doin it. first picture:the equipment

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  2. next, the preparation of the joint.

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  3. one completed blunt

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  4. finally another joint is made with some scraps and i get to enjoy them tomorrow night, oh yeah and those golden wraps kick ass, buy them

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  5. now a nice blunt!! on the blunt scale....i'd give thaat about a oh i'd say 9.5
  6. that is nothin, wait till you see the ones i roll for parties, usually around a 1/4 to 1/2 oz. in each blunt. next week i'm goin to another party and i'll bring back pics from that
  7. i just rolled a 2/3 oz blunt- someone tell me how to make hash..........
  8. i got cotton mouth just looking at it, nice job. glad someone has some stash.
  9. Candence it aint the best blunt but shit, from what I just seen it looks pretty nice and fat...Most I ever put into a blunt was 1/4 an oz...Dipped it in some jet fuel and went on a trriiiip.
  10. Why don't you get one of those nugs and post a pic of a high resolution close up shot...
  11. heres a pic of two different buds i have, the one on the left is the shit that i usually get and the bud on the right is the new stuff that i've been getting. its more white, has more red hairs and has a slight tree smell to it, like pine or oak or somethin. good shit though, never been so messed up after the blunt that i smoked today. you guys think it looks good?

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  12. looks nice, whats the price goin for that?
  13. that looks like the herb i got right now.

    i paid 60 bucks for 3 grams (i know...its expensive here in NY)

    i smoked a little under a dime today and i was blazed out of my mind. lots of fun!
  14. good weed+

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  15. $80 canadian for a 1/4oz. thats like $50 somethin US not bad. the only problem is that sometimes this shit will completely fuk me up and other times it barely does anything. never had stuff like that before, might just go back to my usual shit
  16. Couple of weeks ago I bought some blunt tubes. never before rolled a blunt so I did a little searching on the net and found out how to make them. Nice....a friend gave me a gallon ziplock bag about a third full of trimmings and that's what I was rolling up in the blunt wrapper. the finished product was a good sized cigar about 6 inches long and as thick as my finger. Smoked it up in the backyard and just got ripped. i'm really sold on em' now especially if you got shake, the wrapper gets rid of that just picked green taste. I'd make more but I dried out the rest of the bagfull and baked up a pan of brownies.
  17. OMG I CAN SMELL IT!! I WANNA SMOKE MY FREEKIN SCREEN!! man I'm OUT and my dealer is OUT so I'm FUCKED lol

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