its begining to look alot like christmas...

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. not!
    messing in the yard today i was noticing the irony of humming that song in a t-shirt on dec 10th in 50somthing degrees,. WHILE pulling the cover to the pool out of the green water -it never fails somthimg happens every year to F the cover up and make the pool a mess in th winter' ( this year the boy cut off all the milk jugs tied them to trees and shot full of bb's....lets just picture highya's yard trees for a sec with milk jugs paperplates and other various targets tied amongst the branches) very pretty :).....soooo im hummin my song while hiding the nasty pool water and redneck tree decorations because companys comming for the holidays.!!!!!!
    forgot my point.....
    maybe ill just spraypaint some of the yard white and pretend its snow...before you scoff, i think people were painting there dead grass grean in the summer....yep
    hhhm,,..seems wierd to be so warm,....
    ive lost myself now. the end
  2. Did the doc up the dosage again babe?;):p
  3. lol It was 50degrees and raining again today in Tenn. I thought it was supposed to cool down and snow. Oh well i guess i'll have to get the ice shreader out and buy 300 bags of ice. hahaha That will be the only snow we will find around here till Janurary.

    We haven't even put up a tree yet. I keep forgetting that it's December!
  4. Hiya Hiawatha...

    Hmmmmm I'll send you some of the was all nice and warm last week...then BOOM...Sat night it snows like hell, and we have, or had like 6 in's of it. We're suppose to get more this's nice and all for Christmas...BUT, after that I want it's wet, cold, and a bitch and a half to drive in....;) I think I rather like your idea of spray painting the grass and trees and pretending it's snow. Maybe you could get that stuff you spray on your kind of looks like snow, and you can get stencils and make pictures in the grass with
  5. i just surprised myself with this one.
    grean?lol....i can understand a few of the others but green?
    your just jealous oldie :p
    ;) i believe it was ma' fancy cookies

  6. Piece ABck Atcha!!!!!
    I hear you talking with your nice story, I can see it in my mind!

    Later, BPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i'm watching one of the family channels now since I'm taking the day off!. And there you are Highya running down that hill of flowers. little house on the praire!!!!! You were so sweet when you was a little girl Half-pint.!!!!!!!

    lateer BPPP!!!!
  8. shit gal dont piss on a good thing till you try it out ! freak the boys out get your self a good bb gun ,air rifle for us older marksman ! and get some new targets the boys would love it and so would you if you can get it away from the ol man after he sees how much fun your have togather!lol give them boys a place to shot and you well know where your bottles well be! good luck and i would shot a few my self but for some reason my co2 is always being used up on some plant thing!lol it works for me!tazz11
  9. this is what happened 15 minutes after touching the last toy.....i really do hope the muzzleloader hold out a little longer than that....
    p.s. i swear it was sabatage, he's got a replacement ALREADY!!!!!!~!~!

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  10. I don't know about anyone else here but I'm kind of ready for the snow to come. Where I live there should be 3 feet on the ground by now. When I left the house this morning to bring my boyfriend to work it was pretty damn cold and raining. I think that if it's going to be this cold we should see some of the white stuff!!

    peace, love, and ganja!
  11. wrong kid! bb guns with the little boys ! we dont have a cross bow season here. muzzlelaoding is fun but it takes time to get relacksed around fire arms. show him you dont just want to play get 243, 270 ,i dont know if your gun laws are the same as the north!if shot gun, get a ithica deer slayer in 20 gage!dose he use a cross bow! i didnt think so!lol dont get sad gal i have hunt with some dam fine woman hunts in a hunting club and we had a shit laod of fun! they bound with their hunting dogs better than man i hate to say ! but its jump in gal life is waiting ,and dump the cross twing!lol good luck are prays are with you!tazz11
  12. its comeing i can feel it in my bones!i like the snow but not the cold!but i know what you mean its like waiting for a old friend to come home for the holidays!when it dose show ill smile with ya! the good thing is i can go out side for 10mins in the cold below 20 and my sight comes back as long as i stay in the cold!about 90% my wife says its the only time i see her !i miss it ,and cant wait ,my doctors said not to do that very much because it cools the blood to my brain and could kill me at any time ,and not to go out at all but i miss my wife and friends to much!to stop ,so i like winter a little more than most ,you know why,good luck with the snow man this year and stop and look around you at the greatness of winter ,i hope to see some of it my self!i am trying to smile! tazz11
  13. thank you for your prayers trust me i need them :)
    my husband said to tell you that his ithica shoots very nicely, he does hunt with a crossbow ;)...(he gave that piece of crap to me at the beginning of the season) and he hopes you get your snow very soon tazz
  14. i think your both very luck and you have a great family ! he loves you and you know it! i have owned five or six ithica's in my days they shot great ! its nice to see more family people here in the sites! he must love you a lot to give away any fire arm is a sin to most men!lol good luck with the hunting togather its fun with respect to the safty of the sport !you both have a good time and enjoy life !tazz11
  15. a lot like Christmas...


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