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It's Been SO Long...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by _OneLove_, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. [/ rant]

    when i first signed up for grasscity last year sometime, i smoked a lot. i mean to me, alot. i was living in an apartment with my boyfriend at the time, and we both had full time jobs. I was able to pay rent, bills, and buy myself an eighth every 2 weeks when i got paid. eventually that 8th wasnt enough and it'd take me a week and half and then i'd have to go about 5 days without smoking until i got paid again and was able to buy more.
    NOW, i can barely afford shit and im living with a friend. i walked by some kids window and he offered me a coupe puffs off his joint. i got high and came home and cooked (this was a few days ago), and since then i feel like i NEEEEED to smoke. i wanna buy a whole pound and smoke the whole damn thing. i miss smoking, but i know i'll be able to get some next week, and it will be sweet sweet victory. i just sit and daydream about my stoner days when i would come home from work, my bf would leave, and i would just smoke bowl after bowl.

    god i cant wait to buy weed -_-
    [/ end rant]

  2. Yeah, weed's pretty awesome. Just don't let it control you. Don't wanna turn into a junkie.

  3. yeah, thats why im almost embarrassed even to admit how much ive been craving it >.< even my roommate is like SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!
    so i had to rant somewhere :p
  4. Have fun, must of been a long t-break
  5. def. has been >.<
  6. Why do you type in purple?
  7. i dunno. its less plain.
  8. hahaha i know how you feel,i been so anxious to pick some bud that i been looking at the dispensary's menu ,like, everyday :laughing: just drooling :yummy:

  9. I feel you, i gave up smoking the 'erb a year ago, and toked up last weekend and man, its been on my mind ever since, just thinking of all the cool things i used to do whilst stoned :smoke:
    It's not addiction, we're just made for smoking weed :D:smoke:
  10. bowl after bowl after bowl?:eek:

    no wonder u cant afford weed man! with me i keep the tolerance as lowa s possible. like, two big rips and im donezo. goner. outta her.

    its nice:D
  11. ^ one or two bowls and i'm good for 3-4 hours. I don't want to build a high tolerance :p
  12. hell yeah, 2 puffs off that joint the other day got me good. a gram of dank can last me a week now, instead of an eighth lasting a week. the GOOD side to all this is that my tolerance is back down to the beginning days <3
  13. Why dont you grow?
  14. Exactly. You could grow more than you could smoke, trust me.

    Also look into getting a vape, if you are going to smoke that much it's going to be much healthlier for you in the long run, and it will pay for itself very quickly and save you TONS of money.

    And can't wait to end my t-break also. :D
  15. i have nowhere to grow considering im living with my friend and her mom atm. i actually plan on getting a vape and some dank, though, with my tax returns. im kinda a vape noob though so i'll hafta ask a buncha questions in the apprentice section lol

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