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Its been so long.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mushie, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I just remembered my old GC account info. I decided Id pop back in and say whatsup and see how this forum has been doing. It has been a good 3 years since ive posted on here. Im just wondering if any of the old people i used to know back in the day still post.

    So how the hell have you been grasscity?
  2. Everyone you knew is dead.
  3. wasup OP i remember you....

    yeah aparrently there was a ban wave that alotta OGs (Original Grasscityers) got caught in.
  4. and idk if you were here for this but you can't talk about any other drugs anymore so quick change your whole identity!
  5. oh damn thats too bad everyone got banned. I just drink now anyways, no weed or other drugs for me anymore since im in the process of joining the marines. I was trollin through all the posts and i hardly recognize anyone anymore, it also seems like the general maturity level has gone down significantly.
  6. You're damn right it has. (Penis)

    But thats cool man good to hear your on track. I've only been drinking too on weekeneds to get my head on straight, work on gettin healthy and gettin my miserable GPA up outta the dirt.

  7. same here getting my life outta the shitter. And yea probably almost everyone you knew was banned.
  8. Nice to meet you :D

  9. This, better change whole account lol. Seriously though welcome back man, you don't me and I don't know you but I figured I would say what's up anyway
  10. hah whatsup man. im just kinda lurkin around the old forums seeing whats new.
  11. Seeing anything you like? Haha
  12. im trollin around on the laugh you lose thread looking at all the memes. today is gonna be very un-eventful for me until i drag my happy ass to crossfit.

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