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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by daguyinyourtree, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. What up GC. Lifes been up and down lately, as im sure it is for everyone else on here. Im not gonna go into details, but ive basically decided to quit smoking about a month ago...for the past few days, ive been having a mental break down, but last night spent half the night by the window smoking a cigarette and discussing out loud my problems and how to fix them. Thankfully, it worked :) i actually feel much better. Unfortunately, even though a month passed, i still feel the urge to smoke some buddha, but i dont want it to run my life again like it did prior to me quitting. Im very easily addicted to anything i try. thinking of calling up my dealer and picking up a dub. Who knows? maybe ill be able to have enough self control this time to just do it once in a while and not on a constant basis...any suggestions? ...i do miss it a lot. lol
  2. Quite smoke cigs, start smoking weed again.
  3. i dont smoke cigs that often either. I do it from time to time, when I really got a lot of shit on my mind...
  4. Buy you some green, just use it wisely. Don't smoke all the time.
  5. Get a piggy bank. Every day you get home from work/school/life put your pocket change in it. when it gets full or at the end of every month/week, add up all the money and buy however much moneys worth of weed there is. From there you can ration or save.
  6. good idea :p i deffinately got money issues..
  7. not to be a dick, but you can control your cig smoking habits so that you only smoke them once in a while but you cant control your weed smoking habits? ive been addicted to shit before but def never weed. I think maybe youre like me in that you just love weed so you smoke it as often as possible. obviously you know you have the willpower to stop if you can hold out for a month so id say every time you feel like youre smoking too much just think back to this month and how you were able to control yourself and then slow down the smoking for a little bit. Or you could just smoke a lot of weed all the time :D
  8. what kind of "mental breakdown" are you talking about, I used to think I was super-addicted to weed, but a week after I ran out I had a text-book example manic-depressive episode at a friends house, and realized that the effects of weed are polar opposite to what I experienced in my bipolar moment and it cancels it out perfectly, and that I was treating a problem I didn't even know I had the whole time. and in the month since than I managed to get the moderation thing down

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