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  1. Hi everyone,
    I used to grow when I was a teenager (about 10 years ago) and have been itching to do it again and even better. Last month impulse took over me. I took a trip to the hydro shop, ordered some seeds, and that's all she wrote. I remember really enjoying posting journals up on Overgrow, so here I am, looking forward to your comments and tips! It feels good to be back in the saddle :hello:

    I'm growing 2 feminized Blueberry seeds from Dutch Passion in a Growlab 80 tent. 250W MH/HPS bulb. Foxfarm Ocean Forrest soil and nutrients. The goal is to get a small perpetual grow going in a stealth like fasion. I've built a growbox from a PC server to house a couple mother plants and clones. I'm not sure if it would be best to use one of these plants that I've been growing from seed as a mother or if I would be sacrificing anything by using a cutting for the mother. I, of course would like to do the latter and flower the 2 that I have growing right now. Any thoughts? Also, I would love to hear any insight from people who have grown this strain before. Do they look small at 3 weeks? I recall reading that Blueberry has a slow initial start to it's growth, but haven't been able to confirmed that.

    Anyways, pics -

    Seedlings, I started germintating via the paper towel method 10/28/11. Photo taken 11/9/11


    It turns out I had them a little to close to the fleuros and the leaves got a little crispy. I freaked out a bit, but the new growth has been fine :hello:


    Transplanted and moved into the Growlab


    More to come!!!
  2. hey man thanks for stopping by my grow. told you id be through here soon, plants are looking good.
    was just wondering what light you have them under now, is it still the cfl? if so at 3 weeks id say they're ready for the mh. with setting up a perpetual grow if i were you id take at least 2 clones from both plants and then flower out the 2 you have now. find which plant you prefer as you may have different phenos, your decision may be down to growth rate or structure, whether it is sativa or indica dominant, the potency or taste of the final smoke etc... once you have decided on your plant then you can pick the strongest and healthiest of your clones to become a mother, you then have the choice of flowering the clones you will not be using as a mother while your new cuts root and veg. i hope this helps. if you have any questions feel free to ask either pm me or drop me a question here or on my journal. anyway pulling up a chair for this 1. good luck
  3. Thanks for checking in Organic!! Yeah they went under the MH when I stuck them in the tent. I actually also added some cfl's and have been able to mantain 75F. I appreciate your tips man, you clearly know what's up. I myself, am rusty haha but I have faith this is going to be a KICK ASS grow :metal:

    By the way, I like your disclaimer I mean signature haha
  4. Day 25

    I think I'll hold off on dosing the Grow Big nutes for another week or so because I transplanted them into Fox Farms Ocean Forrest a few days ago. Hopefully the stuff in the soil will tie them over.

    I installed some power strips with CFL bulbs in the corners of the tent, An extra total of 112 watts. Had to turn my central air from 70 down to 69 to accomodate. With the AC blasting my humidity dropped to around 20% so I stuck in a humidifier. That up'd it to 48%. Looking forward to winters cold temps to get here so I can turn the thermostat up and remove the humidifier. It's a big humidifier so it wont work in the tent once the plants get bigger. It's also a pain in the ass filling the tank up once a day.

    I'm already seeing a boost in growth at the nodes. The CFL's seem to be helping. Hoping to take cuttings in about a week. I ordered some new beans. Super Lemon Haze and SnowRyder. Should be here soon. Having lots of fun :D I forgot how theraputic it is taking care of plants and knowing I have danks growing in my household.

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  5. Hey ishum how's things with the grow? You had any luck with the sick girls?
  6. Right then, senior buzz kill Ishum commin back atcha... I'm happy to say things are looking on the up and up. The sick girl has perked up nicely. The def spread to her third set of fans and appears to have stopped. I figured out exactly how I boned the turns out that the Growbig added to the water takes my PH WAY down, and I was only testing the water before hand. Yup, noob mistake :eek: . I took some cuttings yesterday and stuck them in the pc box. Plants are close to a foot right now, any suggestions on when I should flip the switch to 12/12?

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  7. Day 38

    I topped the plants and added a scrog screen. Made out of a dog crate and some 2x4's. It's going to add some time to veg, but I think it will be worth it in terms of yield. Starting to get really stinky, my carbon filter is supposed to arrive tomorrow. 9 days since I took cuttings and most of them have taken root. I will put them in soil tomorrow.

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    Day 46

    Starting to get a conopy. I should have topped a lot earlier as the main colas have stretched and I have not been able to train them into the screen. I actually tried to train one of the stems donwards, bad move! It snapped right off. I'm going to flip the switch tomorrow to 12/12, I just have to pick up an HPS bulb. Going to continue LST'ing a couple weeks into flower to fill up the rest of the screen.

    Still struggling with PH, I add dolomite lime to 6.5 water and I'm still getting yellow readings from the run off on the color chart. A few leaves are showing signs of Mag Def, there is some clawing of the leaves, but otherwise the plants are looking healthy. I'm praying that it at least stays this way or gets better through flowering. Looking forward to starting a new grow with fresh soil.

    I added the carbon filter, this is my first time using one and I'm very impressed. Absolutley no smell outside the tent :)

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  9. A question to anyone who may actually be reading this. Should I top the main colas again to help even out the canopy?
  10. Hey man, if you're thinking of flipping to 12/12 tomorrow I wouldn't top again, or if you still want to top it again I would hold off switching to flowering for at least a week. I notice from your top down picture that you have some tops a lot taller than the others, I would continue to train these under the screen keeping the canopy much more even this will promote a lot more sites and should lessen the need to top again this late on in veg. Plants are looking good though man keep it up. And yeah carbon filters are a godsend.
  11. Hey Organic, yeah I'd like to do that but like I said, I tried training one of the colas downwards and it snapped right off! Perhaps I'll top them again and postpone flowering for another week beacause I'm worried the 250 won't be getting to that canopy.
  12. Haha shit man did read that but have been smoking so must have forgot. In your position I think I'd just leave it and flip the switch get those girls flowering.
  13. Been thinking about it and I agree that's probably the best route to go. Also, scratch what I said before about continuing to scrog the lower growth whie they are in flower., I'm just going to let everything grow upward now so it all grows relatively even. Thanks for the input.
  14. Day 2 of 12/12

    Good news :)It looks like the regime of adding dolomite lime has payed off on one of the plants (the one on the right) and I'm finally getting green readings off the color chart for soil PH. She is at last getting all the nutrients she needs and I'm already noticing more lushness and vigor. I will continue dosing the left plant with lime until she pulls through.

    So In light of this I once again changed my decision and topped both plants to mantain an even canopy through out flowering. This time I took a big chunk of the main stalk off rather then the top internode, so I doubt it will stretch above the screen as they did last time. Moved the light a few inches closer now that the colas aren't in the way. Turned the humidifier off as the tent stays at 25-30% RH without it. I hear this is best for flowering. Flipped the switch and gave the first dose of Big Bloom at half strength.

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  15. Nice little SCROG....lots of tops...keep it up man. :hello:
  16. Hey Growsensmokes thanks for stopping by and for the words mate.

    I'll be updating in a few days after the service man comes, right now my interenets fucked and I can't upload anything, only download, weird right, so I'll be updating then with pics, cause what's an update without pics.
  17. Got my net sorted, just had to exchange the modem :rolleyes:

    Day 9 of 12/12

    Getting a few pistols, a few trichs here and there, nothing major. Did some trimming of the undergrowth. The left plant's PH is still low but all is looking well. Gave a heavy feeding of Big Bloom this morning, 4 tablespoons dilluted in a gallon and a half of water per plant, neither have had any nutrients in the past 2 waterings.

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  18. Hey ishum how's things? Tents looking good, lovely even canopy there. All I can say is look out for any nute burn after such a heavy feeding keep it up man

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