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Its been a long time!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by itsy, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. I'm in the delayed entry program for the U.S. Marine Corps. and have been getting tested ever since MEPs but I got a 2 months till my next test and I'm picking up White Widow right now.. this will be the last time I smoke for the next 5 years! Excited as fuck, god I hate drinking...
  2. if your going in the military i reccomend you dont smoke weed. but have fun i guess

  3. it's for a good cause. WW is always a dandy treat. Better go out with a bang right? :smoke:
  4. if i was about to go to the military and not be able to smoke, i would smoke all day. :hello:
  5. Right on my friend! Have fun.

  6. You pick a MOS yet?
  7. Not MOS but I got my general field as 02xx Intelligence.

  8. lol 2 cent intelligence

  9. Congrats, i'm guessing you get a clearance with that? buddy of mine does contracting work (not the cool shit with m4's and oakleys and 4x4, more just intel stuff) he said those Military Intel jobs with high clearances when they go civilian they make bank.
  10. fuck that sucks. In my country in the millitary we only smoke weed all day play football (soccer) and drink some beer, nothing else guess we will suck at millitary game :D ahhaha
  11. in my country we play real football!:cool: lol, j/k. but speakin of wich saints won
  12. Your one lucky bastard lol.

    I go to MEPs next week, but I have the most over zealous recruiter ever. Ive already been drug tested twice.

    Im hoping I can sneak a toke after MEPs.

    PS. Im going into the Navy.
  13. Lol I wanted to get into the Navy, wanted to become a SEAL actually. My cousin a former CCT Special Ops Airman told me there was no way I was going to make it through buds, so I kind of lost hope and looked at something more realistic. But be very careful about sneaking tokes.. the outcome can be brutal.
  14. Yeah I'm getting my Top Secret Security Clearance done while I'm at bootcamp and MCT. Worried about it though.. don't want those interviewers to know my past use. Have a minor juvenile charge also. If I don't get the Clearance granted I then go open contract where they can put me in any MOS that I'm eligible for. Alot of stress =\ But yes there alot of things you can do once you have your clearance granted. Hell I could get a good position in the FBI if I got to Counter-Intel 0211 while in service.
  15. Good luck in the Marines!

    God bless our troops. Cuz I know I sure as hell don't want to fight. Stoner/Pacifist I guess haha.

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