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Its been 5 long years

Discussion in 'General' started by Royksopp, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. September 20th, 2009
    20 year old Royksopp decided to finally make an account on here after always being redirected to this website when I had questions about weed. I know we're in October but I realized my 5 year anniversary passed and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who I've befriended on here, thanks to superjoint for making this community and being an awesome friend :metal: and everyone else, even the people who aren't fond of me....I <3 you too :laughing: Seriously some of the best people I've befriended in my life have been people on this website. 
    Maybe I'll stick around for another 5 years :poke: and become an old skool member (hinthint) :p :lol:
    :gc_rocks: time to smoke a celebratory bowl! :gc_rocks: :smoke:

  2. Been there done that

    Happy bday
  3. Congrats. :) you made a lot more of your 5 years then I did with mine. Everybody knows who Royksopp is!

    Heres to 5 more.
  4. congratulations!
  5. Congrats!

    I recently forgot my password for my account that I also established in 2009

    Fuckn sucks I had 5 stars already as well

  6. I really like you.
    Stay classy.
    305 til' we die. 
  7. Aye I'm about to hit on a blunt with ya. *tokes*  :smoking:
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    Congratulations. I suck at these things, but thanks for being a pretty awesome person on the forum. I'm always looking forward to read what's written when my eyes come across the purple font.

  9. Happy birthday!

    And congrats on the milestone!
  10. Well done.

    Weird to just sorta .. Have your thoughts logged for years. Kinda like a weird as fuck diary. You should check out done of your OG posts. I wonder what my five year story will look like..
  11. Even though I don't know you that well, I would like to congratulate you  :hello: . You basically joined when I did and your the same age as me too lol so I'd like you show you some love  :yay: . I love being a member on here and this place has been one of the greatest places to be in 5 years, lots of interesting and funny ass people on here. 
  12. I know I bring it up every time you make a thread, but thank you for the Shooting at MIT in Boston thread. I still hold that as one of the most fun experiences of the last couple of years of my life ,pathetically enough.
  13. Watching the transit of Venus and buzz wells class presentations are me fav convos including ya Royk.

    Since Oh nine, whenever I listen to Royksopp I think way back to those convos and vice versa.

    Kinda weird to feel close to blades on GC. May never meet any of you but fuck were you all good friends to talk to.

    Happy belated Royksopp. Hope you get a little higher from the vibes I send your way...
  14. You know we love and appreciate ya woman, but quit being such a girl. I Kid, that's a good ride. :SMOKE:
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    Congrats :yay: :yay:
    little late to the party, but i'ma smoke a fatty in celebration :smoke:
  16. Yay, damn it goes fast. That was after I came to Canada... Damn..

    this is my signature. Right here.
  17. Looking forward to 5 more years of them penetrating eyes sigs.
    Lol it's okay, plenty of us had a blast with that too. 
    trashdick :love: my spirit animal
    Whoa I forgot about the Venus transit thing, you're so right! 
    Thank you everyone :yay: :hello: :gc_rocks:

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