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Its been 19 years

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GolgiApparatus, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Since ive had a gf.

    Is it really that fucking hard?

    Ive never held a girls hand while walking down the street...
    Ive never had passionate sex with a female i could connect with mentally and physically
    Ive never felt that a girl im interested in feels the same way about me.
    Ive never felt that i could be loved as much as i would love to love.

    Ive never stared deep into a girls eyes and had her look back at me the same way.

    Its always bullshit.

    All the girls i know are either

    1. taken
    2. im not interested in
    3. They arent interested in me (as far as i can tell)

    like forreal im not a bad lookin dude im cool as shit and i get along with everyone....

    Its like i go through waves where I suddenly care alot that im single, and points where I dont care that im still single.

    But at either point, im still single lol.

    as far as getting somewhere it seems that i have to painstakingly innitiate every step of the way with anyone.

    Its bullshit.

    Why do girls always act so fucking bored when I ask them to dinner? Why can they not get my sense of humor? Wheres the girl who will come over and smoke bud with me all the time and shoot the shit?

    I just moved to a new area with a roommate who knows absolutely no one so its going to not be any easier..

    im tryin blades i really am but im just getting really fucking fed up with the fact that I get whined about shitty boyfriends (by some girlfriends) at times but ive never even had the opportunity to show a girl the world.

  2. It's been 7 years since I've been in a serious relationship. 4 years since I was in a 'casual dating' kinda relationship... So I can sorta relate... Though 19 years is a much longer time.

    Have you considered eharmony?
  3. She will come man.
  4. Yeah honestly man I used and found my now fiance... Internet dating actually works lol.
  5. theres nothing shameful about internet dating, some people just simply dont have the time in there busy lives to go out and meet new people lol

    so maybe try that??
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    Damn, 19 years? HOW?!!!! Lol wow, I still can't believe what I just read, 19 whole years, that sucks dude, you must have a pretty lonley life without any nice girls to keep you company at times, or girls that really like you. I think your just not applying yourself, you need to try harder to get girls! Get a girl to talk and see what she talks about and what she likes, and then try to talk about similar things, talk to any girl whose number you DONT have, and a bit through the conversation, say you have to go but can you get their number and text/call them later.

    Well, you just have to try harder, a girl just isn't going to fall out of the sky into your arms (not trying to be rude) but maybe you need to show a few girls that you're really interested in them, and ask them what they like doing, like going to movies, etc etc, don't suggest anything, just see what they like first then suggest taking them out on a date to one of the places they mentioned.

    Good luck man, that suck's though, I would have gotten pretty desperate if I were you....actually VERY desperate, lol.

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  7. Dude, it's not that the girls don't get you, it's that you're looking at the wrong girls.

    You just need to adjust your criteria a bit. :D
  8. im kinda in the same boat dood, had one real relationship and it ended up her being an inconsiderate cunt. but anyways, i would also like to find this kind of girl. but as you said, they never seem interested, or the ones that do end up having a boyfriend already.. ive dated plenty of girls it just never goes anywhere, and i swear im not that boring or ugly. but at the same time it makes me wonder why the fuck i cant get a girlfriend
  9. How about, I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS! :D
  10. haha well i appreciate the thought but that doesnt help our positions really.
  11. If i was single... I'd hit that. :cool:
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    Tell me about it best friend

    I mean I try man....haha

    Ive been/am around a decent amount of girls every day. Whenever I approach or just start talking they dont really seem to be interested.... i mean im not a bad looking guy so i dont know why....

    Ive had like 5-6 different girls over at the crib and each time ive smoked them out and we'd laugh and hav a good time then they would seriously never talk to me again. Its mind boggling. i KNOW theres not anything wrong with me because I have a fuckload of friends (girls and guys) in alot of different areas but just no girlfriend.

    Ive tried brotha....

    Like seriously ive been on so many dates and gotten rejected so many more times haha..... but I mean what can I do but keep trying.... women pop up in my life but its hard to take it from polite conversation to getting her number to going on a date.
    I mean... ill meet a girl and talk with her a couple times and get her name then ill add her on facebook and it really never goes anywhere from there....

    Tell me about it best friend.

    I mean come on im not even bad looking

    By mpiuknek

    By mpiuknek

    By mpiuknek

    Ive lost more weight then the last picture and i dont even wear glasses anymore.

    but srsly ur post made me feel even sadder lol ur a dick

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  13. if its really been 19 years man thats really bad then its time to do some internet dateing have no shame in yo game if you want a good website PM me ill link it to u its totally free and it has helped me find some pretty nice girls in the past when i have been in a rut and didn't have anyone and needed someone through my busy days and i have had some good strong relationships from it im sure there are plenty of local girls on the site in your area so pm me if you want.
  14. Girls are a complicated beast, I don't know anything helpful to say.

    Do you have low self-esteem? This seems to make a big difference to girls IMO.

    You just have to act like you are the shit!
  15. Lol sorry man, I knew it would make you sadder in some way, shape, or form because I typed it with how I would feel and what I would do in that situation. Well I'm not going to judge your pics since I'm a guy, but I will say that if you lost weight from your last pic then you must be kinda skinny. So you might want to try lifting weights, or doing sit ups and push ups every other night when your NOT sore, trust me it works, I'm a bodybuilder. Well then start wearing a tank top and show those girls that come over to your crib how manly you are.

    Also your hair looks kinda wild, and your hair style can make you look a lot more attractive or non attractive so try one of THESE hair styles or something like them. Also I'm not sure if its your style or not, but try rocking some air forces, or Nike SB's, from what I know, your shoes stand out a lot when your walking with a fine girl who's dressed nicely, not saying you are one but they don't want to be walking next to a bum, it's ok to have kinda beat up shoes as long as they have no holes or are not half destroyed.

    Hmm, you lost the glasses, that's cool.....umm, how about your facial hair? have you ever saw what you looked like with a little shaped up face hair? Like THIS? even have a little can make you seem more like a chill, laid back, player type of guy. You also might not want to add girls on face book out of no where after you just met them UNLESS you ask them if they have it then say your going to add them, but if you do it after meeting them and send messages immediately trying to hook up again or w/e, they're going to think your desperate and lame.

    Really don't know what else to tell ya except sorry for making this post kind of long, lol, and just keep trying man, just try not to be all cheesy around girls and play it cool, don't talk TOO much either, let the ladies talk then kinda jump in on their conversation with something interesting that relates to it, unless they talk to you first of course.

    Good luck, again, lol get'em! :devious:
  16. No, lol don't listen to him! Don't act like your the shit dude, just be cool and confident, don't let anyone boss you around either or else you will be looked down on as weak and manipulative. Just treat a girl or girls good when they come over to your crib, and order pizza or w/e IF THEY WANT (don't spend TOO much money though, lol) and when they're about to leave just ask them if they want to hang out the next day, or tell them to text you later OR that you'll text them later or w/e.
  17. You want a girl who will dig your sense of humor, right? Why not be yourself?

    Haha, i can tell you a few things that girls don't like... well, at least the kind of girl you want.

    I know girls, man. :p
  18. or you can be your self. present your self in a way that you feel comfortable with and makes you happy.

    imo self steem is the key: who is going to like you and feel good/happy arround you if you dont like yourself and arent happy with who you are.

    cheer up friend:smoking:
  19. I'm not really trying to tell him not to be his self, I'm just trying to say to be himself in a cooler way. Like maybe being his "exact self" won't EVER get him a girl, so everyone has to change at least a little to get what they want. It's not really not being yourself, it's just changing yourself a little bit for the best benefits.


    A guy looks good but he's nasty and gross, his real ways are to be lazy and let everyone else do everything for him and to talk about computer games all the time and new technology. Well one day a nice girl comes along and expresses her feelings completely, she tells him that she'd love to be with him but he just has too many bad habits of not cleaning and being dirty. This guy likes the girl too and hasn't been with a girl for a while, and he's thinking that maybe if he changed from being lazy and would talk about different things other than games and computers all the time that maybe they could connect a little bit more. Then what does the guy do? He thinks and he considers it, and he takes action to change his ways because not only will he be able to get THIS girl but also if it doesn't work out too well he can have a better chance getting other girls. Change is sometimes inevitable and needed in some situations, it's not a bad thing, you can always change yourself a little bit just for the benefit of it.
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    I think you just need to try out different styles of clothing and hair. I mean if something ain't working, then that's a sign to change something up. Find out what that is and work on it.

    Maybe its a confidence thing? I mean 19 years must have drained it-- loss of motive, no?

    But there is no reason, physically, why you should be alone for so long. No, it's something else. Just change shit up and see where it takes you. I mean, what have you got to lose?

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