It's an old game, but....

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by lilro, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Who plays Rainbow Six Vegas 1?? I just got it on Xbox Live and it is AMAZING. Add me: xxROxKNOCKZxx

    I play Madden 10 and Gears 2 a bunch also.
  2. Shit yeah son! Vegas is fuckin cool, I used to play it online when I first got my 360. Vegas 2 just wasn't as good...
    Get a game going with pistols only, it's awesome on streets or kill house or something
  3. I have RB6V. GT: h3br3w h4t3rz7
  4. finally somebody realizes how awesome the Vegas series is.

    Man i used to play that game sooo much, until i sold it and bought the 2nd one.

    Now i kinda miss the first one. :(
  5. Its on xbox live if you're too lazy to go out and buy it.:)
  6. I loved the Vegas series, but played it on PC. It was easily my favorite of the rainbow games.
  7. yea man! that's actually the first game I really got into on xbox live way back in the day...

    do a lot of people still play online?
    I'd love to hop on casino vault. I used to rape everyone in that :smoking:

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