It's Always Sunny

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  1. Anyone else excited for the new season? Ik I am haha
  2. I'm less excited and more hopeful that it will be better than last season. Last season just didn't do it for me. :mad:
  3. Haha dude idk about you but that show is funny as hell. Last season was decent in my opinion although South Park is truly my all time favorite show. It's amazing while stoned:smoke:
  4. i wonder what fat mac is going to be like
  5. haha right? should be interesting....
  6. Alway's sunnys the shit i love that show charlie's or franks deff the funniest tho.
  7. Yes, I am fucking pumped for the new season of It's always sunny.

    Agreed that the last season wasn't as good as any of the other seasons.

    And it did start off really bad, but I thought it turned around and had some great episodes.

    Lethal Weapon 5
  8. Why the fuck is Mac fat?

  9. Season 6 wasn't the best, but it still had plenty of funny moments:D.

    Fat Mac? Somebody enlighten me

    Oh and the new season will be premiering on Sept. 15th right??
  10. There's a trailer that says he gains 50 pounds, plus he looks fat as hell. Then Dennis says "There's more to life than eating piles of food."

    I must hear the story of why he is fat IRL.
  11. Fat Mac is going to be fucking hilarious!! Can't wait.

  12. Charlie is funny as a bitch haha and Dee can be funny too. They're all funny collectively which is why they got a muthafuckin show!
  13. Mac said it did it because he thought it'd make the character funnier. I already think he's hilarious, so we'll have to wait and see I guess.

    Charlie is definitely my favorite. After a while, you start to realize he isn't just the lovable idiot of the show. There's a lot, lot more to him (and a lot of it's really dark, like the Nightman for instance).
  14. I got to see the opening episode for this season early. It was fucking hilarious. Mac is fat because he carries around a trash bag of mexican food. I'll leave it at that.

  15. Hahaha. Niceeee.

    Can't wait.

  16. Im jealous. Where did you get to see it at?
  17. One of my favorite clips haha shit's stuck in my head.
  18. wait what? Mac is going to be fat?

    when's the new season start to air? i fucking love the show but i figured it'd be coming back on in a couple months.
  19. It's starting like sometime in September i don't remember exactly when but I'll be watchin it haha
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    LOVE this show!


    LOL @ 2:20

    [ame=]The Boys Are Back In Town - YouTube[/ame]

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