It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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  1. Anyone? Anyone? If you like Seinfeld... or then again even if you don't this is a great show. Like Seinfeld but way crazier and more cracked out.. It comes back Sept. 18 on FX.

    If there was only one show I could watch, it would be this.
  2. love this show. in my top 3 favorite shows of all time.
    maybe top one if were talking comedies.

    i hope the new season is just as good as the last 3.:D.
  3. yeah this show is fuckin hilarious
  4. I saw the last few episodes of last season and really liked it. I'm definitely checking this season out.
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    I can't wait for thier new season cause I've burnt up my dvds watching the other episodes.
  6. One of my favorite shows! I got a few friends hooked on it too.
  7. To be honest I hate Seinfeld. It's just not funny to me but It's Always Sunny is my all time favorite show!!! That show is fucking genius and Charlie and Mac are two of the greatest characters/comedic actors out there right now!
  8. yeah..
    i wouldn't compare this to seinfeld...
    different types of comedy..
    and i like this kind a lot more
    mac and charlie fucking crack me up
    remember that dance off episode?
    you ol' bitch!
  9. I love this show... I cannot wait for season 4!!!
  10. My favorite episode was definetly the one where charlie huffs paint and gets silver paint all over his face and writes a song.
  11. YES, easily the best show on television since Arrested Development.

    the cast is brilliant you feel like you've grown up with them you're whole life after only a few episodes.
  12. I love it because it seems so true to Philly..

  13. Ha, I love that song. Had it stuck in my head for days after I first heard it.

    Anyways, I love this show, if I can only watch one tv show this would be it. Well that and mythbusters, and how it's made, no idea why but I fucking love how it's made.
  14. I absolutley love that show. The writing and acting just goes together great. The characters are the most stupid, selfish people possible yet they are likable. I feel like it encapsulates a lot of normal peoples ecentricies and then exaggerates them in a way most shows can't.

    I say the show is more like Arrested Development than Seinfield though I can see where it draws comparrisons.
  15. devitos great as well!!!!
  16. Yeah that show is great. I've only watched the first 2 seasons though. I've seen some episodes from season 3, but I was really waiting for the DVD to come out. It will prob. come out around the time season 4 starts. Anyone know for sure when it comes out on DVD though?

    Also, I think the first few episodes are the funniest. I still like it with Devito, but honestly I think it was great with just the 4 of them. Great cast. They have good, hilarious chemistry, kind of like Entourage(another one of my favorite shows).

    Yeah Charlie is too funny. The cancer episode. As wrong as it is, that shit is hilarious! Just his mannerisms. When he was boo hooin'? Damn that shit is classic. great show, lookin' forward to season 4(after I watch season 3 hopefull)
  17. great show. i like the one where they all go to the prom again and host underage drinking at the bar. or when they find the dead guy in the booth hahaha
  18. This along with Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm are the greatest TV comedies ever. If you're a fan of It's Always Sunny you should check out those series also.

    The third season comes out on DVD September 9th (in America), I'll definitely be picking it up.

    Favorite episode..

    "Oh... you gotta get an abortion"
  19. Hey Lizard!!

    Am I standing in poop?
  20. This is the funniest fuckin show I've ever seen...You can find all the episodes (legally, they show little 30sec commercials for the show itself and/or legitimate companies, so this isn't piracy alot of tv channels are allowing you to watch online with limited commercials for free) at (you have to sign up because It's Always Sunny is rated TV-MA)or (played through hulu but you don't need to sign up)

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