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  1. hey guys, im in maryland, right outside DC, growing in a clearing in my backyard. honestly, ive been blessed with a short walk, no people, very few animals, a creek closeby, and great sun. no wonder i now have 4 females, ranging between 6 and 8 feet tall!!!! (bagseed). they are flowering now, and i had a question. since i want to pretty much harvest one backpack at a time (stealthy, plus they're only going to get bigger). i wanted to know: after a few days of drying, when i want to cure the nuggets, i wanted to put em in glass jars and BURY THEM. would that work? i was thinking about glass jars, inside a black trash bag, on a wooden plank on the bottom of the hole i dig then cover it with dirt, it would be near my growspot. would that work? how often do you need to open the jars, for how many months? any help is appreciated , i just woke up so my brain isnt really working yet. thanks bladess, ill have some pics soon.
  2. sure man hang the nugs up for a couple days, then pop them in jars and throw them underground haha. if the jars are air tight those nuggets will have tons of visible trichs (given that the bagseed is headies which only happens rarely)
  3. Just put the whole nugs in mason jars, carry em out in your backpack, and clip them in private at your house/follow one of the curing guides on here, i remember seeing a really really good one.
  4. thanks dudes, but when i read the other posts on here they say to open the jars every day for a set time...i live with my rents so i cant bring them inside at all (the jars)....if i dry them verrrry well and put them in jars, they cant get moldy can they? wtf do i do? i can probably go out and air the jars out every other day or me out blades im looking at harvesting at the end of september as my birthday is on october 9thhh:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  5. Holy Crap!!

    How much are you gonna smoke on your birthday?!

    If you "dry them verrrry well" they'll be fine in the untouched jars.

    But, I can't see how you'll be able to dry all that mj in nine days.

    You're gonna be doin' a lot of digging over the next little while.

    Put 'em in. Dig 'em up. Put 'em in. Dig 'em up. Put 'em......well, you get the idea.

    You'll never know if they're dry enough unless you burp them everyday

    for a couple of weeks.

    By-the-way, Happy Birthday!!
  6. ^^ has a good point, when curing you need to burp the jars you are curing in to let the air flow around and not grow mold, correct me if i am wrong, but the ground is a very moist place, which would make curing an even longer process
  7. yeah u need to make sure to dry it out for 5-10 days till the stems snap when u bend them. If you put them in jars too wet and don't burp them all your buds will get moldy and will be lost. Just make sure they are dry!
  8. You need to burp those jars. It's the only way to be sure they are really dry. Where are you drying in the first place. Why can't you leave the jars in there for a week of two?
  9. right, you need to dry this shit out GOOD, till like the guy above says ^^ the stems snap when you try to bend them, then get em in your jars, you say you could visit every other day, then do that and hope they dont get moldy. Obv. burp them every time you go.

    dig the holes your going to put them in (dig them so they get thinner slightly as they go down), making sure you rip up the grass like turf so you can lay it back over the top. put your shit in the hole, get some wood slightly smaller than the top of the hole so it will sit about half an inch under the height of the rest of the grass. then just stick the grass over the top of the wood and keep it hydrated so it doesnt die.

    o and its never going to be ready by you birthday, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, yea..


    AND you do realise when it comes the time to stick all this shit in your house its going to STINK just as much as it would when curing...
  10. dude i dont care about cured bud for my birthday, as long as its dry, itll definitely get me high. im curing the majority of it so me and my boys will have a shit ton of free dank smoke over winter break when we all come back from our respective colleges...thanks for the b-day wishes tho dude, a bit premature but heyyy:smoking:
  11. where are you drying out your bud becasue it's gonna straight STANK. and you have to dry bud inside. hopefully your parents don't bother you to much. i got some bud drying out right now and the whole house smells like headies. it's quite pleasant actually. have a nice birthday on the 9th... i'll be in court haha.
  12. im drying it outside...1 branch at a time...tying it with some string to a tree, let it blow in the wind as bob dylan would say...hollaaa
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    i dont mean to sound like an ass. but sounds to me like all your gonna get is moldy buds for you and your boys. u leave those things in jars and forget to burp em and your nugs are going to waste. u taking em with you to college so you can make sure the jars get opened everyday? and how u gonna dry one branch at a time, just cut one at a time? thats gonna take a long time. and those dried non-cured buds for your b-day are gonna taste like shit. gonna smell and taste like hay. dont let impatience and neglegence ruin your hard work. just my opinions though..
  14. you have no place to do anything is there any place you can dry the buds indoors:confused:

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