"It's almost like being dead, and conscious of it."

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sensimil, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. i dunno if anyone has seen this buuut..

    I have every conviction that this country will not let me die openly for being committed to access to this beneficial medicine. If it is allowed to happen, then I prefer to die defending this natural creation than stay in a world of that design."
    -Robin Prosser


    been on a hunger strike since 4.20
  2. Cool Site! I personally think its great what shes doing.
  3. yeah, I read about her at 1percent.com a while back, I sent a letter to all the national news shows in support of giving her the national spotlight.....its a good cause, but I have a feeling its gonna be a while before she gets the attention she deserves...
  4. true ture


    we need more ppl like that to stand up for us all

    and in one vocie say

    we will not go to bed without a toke, we will not give up a fight for the green, we will roll, we will get high, we will get stoned

    god bless us all!
  5. HOLY sshit...i dont belvie that shit came outta my moth! was good...must have been fucked when i wrote it!


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