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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mickey.T, May 2, 2002.

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  1. Seams that I aint good enough for B.T so I was told today.

    I was told that I was falling behind everyone else.
    I wouldn\'t fit in well once I was on the floor.
    And I distract everyone....

    What can I do about it ? nothing....just because the trainer didn\'t like me she decided to make it her day to Victimise me any way possible, the fact is everything that she has said is a lie !! and I have told my manager to have a word with the rest of the group and see how they feel about it, because I know that they will stand by me all the way on this matter. What am I to do now? I have no job after 4 days of working there....
  2. Always sucks to lose a job!! Keep your head up, and something better will come along!

    btw, what does BT stand for? :smoking:
  3. I wish there was such a thing in the field that I work. Almost every health care or direct care job I\'ve ever had all have an \"at will\" employment clause.

    Which states that at any time, and without having to give any reason at all, they can terminate my employment. On the other hand it also gives me the right to quit (with notice, of course) without giving any reason.

    I always hate signing that paper, but I\'ve never been fired using the at will clause. I usually give them a good enough reason to fire me that they can tell me why. :eek:

    And yeah, Mickey. Something else will come along. Probably even better. ;)

    What is BT? Those 2 letters in my field stand for \"behavior treatment\". lol
  4. British Telecom.
  5. That really sucks MickeyT. I can only say, that if it was that difficult to work there the first 4 days, perhaps you\'re better off. It sounds like that manager is quite particular and picky, and could have made your life a living hell.
    Trust me, I made the cut @ a place that has a turnover rate like an assembly line, and it sucks!

    Hope you find a new job soon! Best of wishes~
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