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it's alive my bong won't stop growing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by budahgooroo, May 26, 2008.

  1. So I'v got this little bong and I make a point of changing the water at least once a week but the other day i whent to change the water and noticed mold growing inside. So I dumped it out and cleaned the inside out with rubbing Alcahal(?) once i Thought it was Clean I blazed but the next day i got the bong out and it was full of mold again..

    Dose enyone know how to make it stop growing or should i Just get a new one (it wasn't 2 costly).
  2. Are you sure it isn't resin? That's an easy fix.

    If it is mold, just let the alcohol soak for a period of hours. Post a pic perhaps.

    That's nothing compared to what I ran into today, I lost my lighter to a black hole in my garage. It could be worse man. I've got all this smokable material without a flame.
  3. I'm pretty sure a cursed bong is way worse than losing a 1 dollar lighter.
  4. first off get in the habit of changing the water every time you smoke, or at least once a day. it doesn't take much time and is much more sanitary.

    use salt and iso and really swish it around, then let it sit with the iso in it over night. should be sterile the next morning.
  5. you get bronchitis with nasty bong water man.

    besides that it makes the hit taste absolutely horrible. i feel like hurling even thinking about taking a rip out of 2 day bong water.

    wash it out before every sesh or every day.

  6. Change the water atleast once a day and you wont have that problem.
  7. Ewww, don't leave water in your bong that long. According to Wikipedia, standing water and ash (ashed MJ) can produce lye, which can be dangerous. Change it out every session, or AT LEAST every day. It makes it taste much better, and it is more sanitary.
  8. That's gross. :p
  9. I'd boil it, clean it, boil it, clean it, let it dry, then clean it again.
  10. ^^ I'd be weary of boiling your glass because my friend lost his piece that way, it just shattered in the water. If you must though, I'd recomend puting it in some warm/hot water first so that the boiling water doesn't expand the glass so much.
  11. lol wtf? thats gross haha
  12. i had a problem with a mold bong once too. just go to the local CVS and buy some iodine swabs fill the entire bong up with water and drop the swabs or drops into the water let it sit for like 20 minutes then wash it with soap and water because iodine TASTES FUCKING AWFUL....rinse well and you will be good to go

    P.S. i once too was a culprit of week old bong water untill i got a lung infection from smoking mold....WASH YOUR SHIT your lungs will thank you
  13. QFT. You don't want to take the risk of it being moldy.

    The tobacco stores around here sell glass spoons for $10-20 and bongs from $30-50. You should check and see if they have those =P
  14. yea dude i might even turn down a bong rip if i found out the water was a week old, you gotta change that shit man

  15. if its producing lye thwn it shouldnt be molding, lye aka sodium hydroxide is a strongcleaner. not safe to inhale but shouldnt mold.
  16. I wasn't talking about his problem specifically, just pointing out another risk of not changing out your bong water regularly. Be sanitary. :cool:

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