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  1. :hello: Ok so my mom just got off of work and was stressed so she went downstairs and poured a drink and I went down just to see whats going on (Don't talk much lately) and eventually she brings up "I found your... drug tool or whatever you call it.. Your dad may be oblivious to what you are doing but I know (she doesn't know my dad smokes too rofl) and I start laughing and told her I left it there intentionally so she didn't go snooping around anymore for my pipe/stash ext and I went into a good 20 min debate going through everything positive about the herb and how every part of it helps me in a great way and the last year my mom has been very against the herb but lately its been toning down and she doesn't bring it up when I come home blazed/some tin foil is found ext

    We have been talking for about an hour now and she starts to say "well if there were 200 people that do marijuana 180 of them are going to do hard drugs and 100 will be addicted"..... After a good 5 mins of laughing my ass off I tell it is more like 10-300 and maybe 5 will be addicted to something stronger (Its more like 1-300 but I am not in the argueing mood lol and also explain on how I am terrifyed of anything other then herb.

    Walking upstairs I grabbed my dads lighter and asked her if I could borrow it (Its alot better then saying "Hey mom I am going to go smoke some chronic downstairs" but she got the message and left me alone while I sparked up a nice fat bowl, went upstairs grabbed a cookie and walked into her room blazin but functional and she was suprised I wasn't on the floor laughing lol (she tried in once in the bahamas and was super blitzed) hand her the lighter and said something about don't ask don't tell and all I got was "lets see how the year goes".... After a good 4 years of toking daily I finally won....


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  2. Congratulations man, that's something every person living with their parents wishes would happen to them.
  3. Congratulations, man. I broke my parents in early on in my cannabis career. Now drop positive, non-propaganda scathed facts about cheebah to her every now and then. Maybe she will be toking, relaxing, and enjoying the simple subtleties of life before the trial year is over. :D
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    Well she will be pissed if she catches me/finds something more then some foil like my bowl or something but as long as I work my ass of in school I should be good, just be patient a year ago my mom was so tight-ass on it I was amazed, positive results = positive parents

    Well my mom won't be toking for a few years because she works in the medical field, maybe if she switches jobs I have a 1 month period to get her to try it again, my grandmother from Wales is coming over for a visit and she used to give me smokes when I was 15 (No one in the world would think she would lol she's that old school) but she knows I toke and I think a few firecrackers would help her lol
  5. Congratulations man. It's always awesome to blaze and know thar there's nothing too worry about. My parents stopped caring when I turned 18. But they knew I smoked well before then. they always thought it should be legal (my dad has a med card) but they didn't want me getting in trouble before 18(which I did).

    But anyway, I'm baked. Congratulations.
  6. My parents NEED med cards with all of the stress they have lol, and I am frizzleddd too :smoke:

  7. Yeah. My mom is a light weight (like, drunk off of 3 or 4 beers) and apparently absolutely freaks out when she smokes.
  8. A few times a week they have a few drinks and play wii bowling and by the end of the night are somewhat drunk, I have been known to smoke a few bowls and join them
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    hmmm I think my parents know i smoke, but they never confronted me about it. Which kind of pisses me off, would rather have tell me they know. Rather then having the paranoia thinking they know. My mom would probably be ok with cause she grew up with all hippy friends and she claims she never got high when she tried but thats probably lie. My dad would be against 100% and disappointed, he was vietnam vet and grew up in the "golden age of the 40s and 50s".

    Oh and grats man on a great victory.

  10. Hmmm. I thought all of those guys over in vietnam smoked. But apparently not.
  11. My dad grew up in Californa in the 60's-70's and he said he never did it
    I CALL BULLSHIT :hello:
  12. Haha, nice man.
  13. Good Lord I wish my mom understood like that.

    My mom's more like, "It's illegal, I don't want it around me or my house or your brother." (Although Cali is legalizing it in Nov. and I toke in front of my brother all the time and he's chill with it.)
  14. That sounds chill. My parents believe all the propaganda. i always try to tell my mom how weed inst bad but all she ever sais is " the only people saying that are the ones sitting around smoking it all day". haha
  15. I lol'd
  16. I remember when my Mom first found out/saw me, whatever, It was Valentine's Day last year (I don't live with her anymore, so it's not like there was anything she could've done)
    I was drinking hardcore with my buddies/bandmates and some girls, and just got done roasting several bowls of Orange Krush in the bathroom. My mom, for no reason, decides to drop by my buddies house to tell me they made their trip safely. I walk out of the house just geekin, eyes two slits, struggling to stand up right. She just starts giggling hardcore and was like 'Are you...ok?" me: 'yeeeaah' her: 'you drunk?' me: 'not...really...' her: 'are you *giggle* high?' me: 'yep.' she just laughs really hard and tells me to be careful, then leaves. I was surprised.

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