Its About Time For New York,i Cant Wait

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by jb1128, May 21, 2013.

  1. Cuomo. Sucks
  2. yes he does!!!!!
  3. ill second third fourth and fith that statement...
    what a clueless fucking loser !
    it is about time NY got on the MMJ bandwagon !
    I very highly ( pun intended ) doubt it will be as laid back and SLOPPY as california but it is a start !
  4. Dog and pony show I tell you
  5. yeh i read up on this last night. its gonna be a shit show. the only way you will be able to get it is if you are dying of something it seems. and in one article they were thinking about taxing it. because thats their answer to everything in this mob run state.
  6. Fuck New York and these Northern have liberals that are TOO fucking liberal that they don't want you doing anything but drink water.
  7. i subscribed to the Norml newsletter and a couple of weeks ago there was something about the bill being passed by NY Assembly and its onto the Senate. and what Tony said theres gonna be a lot of stipulations when it finally does become legal.
  8. It failed.  they never let it be brought to a vote during the senate and now it can't be voted on, Good luck next january.
  9. Don't tell the op. he cant wait that long.
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    lemme guess you live in Colo,WA or California?.....
  11. New Jersey, lived in NY, but also lived in WA, I know how far behind we are from those states.
  12. until cuomo is removed theres not a whole lot that will happen unfortunately -
     NY is one of THE most retarded democrat filled states there is... fucking bass ackwards at its finest

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