It's A Trap

Discussion in 'General' started by J-Rich420, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. when ever you buy something off GC your name and all you info(address,telephone,creditcard number etc)is sent to a data bank that can be viewed by any branch of govt, people have been busted beacuse of this, so if you were to buy a bunch of seeds to grow and other grow related materials the feds know, and if you buy enough at once or alot over a period of time your gonna narc your self out,i mean they dont even have to do any work at all,they already have your phone number-they can tap it now, they have your address-can come ther whenver,and they know what you bought, this was brought to the light buy hightimes, dont get me wrong i love the city as much as the next guy, but ITS A TRAP!
  2. I saw some cool caves in the desert you could live in.
  3. what???????you need to put down the tater man, startin to mess with your head
  4. He means go hide.

  5. Hahah, what im saying is, everything you said is pretty much true, but honestly, the feds wont give a fuck about some pothead trying to buy a bong. As just a casual user of weed, you dont have much to worry about. Now if you have an underground grow op with 2000 hydro plants, then yes WATCH YOUR ASS.
    But if you're just a regular stoner, living in fear of every action you take is useless, and youll end up living in a cave in the desert.

    So there is a threat, but its so negligable i'd rather not think about it and enjoy my life.
  6. If they see you've bought seeds, who cares. BUT, if they see you've bought:

    lighting equip.
    and they see a regular spike in electricity usage on a daily basis

    Then YES watch your ass.
  7. ohhhhhhhhhh, i see what your sayin, i was letting our friends who buy seeds off the intrenet know, i aint worried though cause im not retarded and goin out buyin MARIJUANA SEEDS WITH A CREDITCARD,ONTHE INTERNET(but if you live in canada or basically anywhrer besides the U.S. your safe, iwas postin more as an informant to all my tokin buddies:smoking:
  8. Yeah, another trick is to pay for everything in cash. It's untraceable.

  9. yeah thast what i thought but they still got the shippin address,basically just dont be stupid an buy anything besides pipes and shit off the net, unless you dont live in america,land of the free...huh yeah right

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