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Its a strugle

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the_weed_guy, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. hi everyone, i have a problem which requires the advice of some "seasoned tokers". I do not put myself in this category, because i have been smoking for only a little over a year. My problem is that recently, my tolerence has gone super high, and my enjoyment from smoking has gone down. After reading a few other threads of the same problem, i decided to take a break from smoking for a while. My problem is that quiting is sooooooo hard. Even when i'm not around people smoking, it seemes like all i can think about is that sweet sweet herb. If anyone has quit for any period of time, I would love to know how the managed to do so. Oh yes, its been 5 days since i'v smoked, and before i quit i was smokind around 2 grams to an 1/8th a day, give or take. Thanks in advance.
  2. I haven't had any for three weeks. Not by choice mind you, I just can't get any. I tell you what though, when I do get some, I am gonna be so damn high they'll have to look for me with a telescope.

    Best advice is just don't buy any till you want to smoke again. Oh, and the craving goes away a bit after about a week. At least it does for me.
  3. Do you smoke cigs if you do that will help. Another thing you might try that worked for me was just tell yourself about how high you are going to get when you start agian. Remember the second day is the worst ti gets easier from then on out, also you only need to quit long enough to get it out of your system, about two weeks. Hope this helps.

  4. I say if its really that hard for you to stop you should get your weed money you have saved up and put it in a safe or spend it on something else that'll keep you busy.
  5. Hey! I Dont do Drugs! I Just smoke weed!!

    Yes, weed does get boring after a while. Ive been smoking since Feb. 2001 and when I get bored with it, I quit for a week and then I start smoking again. If you still think about the "sweet sweet herb" then you arent bored with it. Just quit for a lil while and your tolerance will go down. It always does with me.
  6. "Get bored with it"? come'on man what kind of stoner are you?
  7. Taking a break is a very good idea. I've gone through periods where i'm smoking super-dank and I may as well be smoking banana peels for all the good it's doing me.

    When you do decide to smoke again, make sure the setting is just right. Clear your schedule for a couple of hours. Get yoru favorite utinsel. Get whatever form of entertainment you prefer ready to go, weather it be a CD, movie, or whatever. Don't smoke like you're playing beat the clock. Take your time and enjoy each puff. By the time you're done with the bowl you should be nice and baked and ready to relax and enjoy the high.
  8. I agree. It's good to take a break from smoking if you've been doing nothing but for a long time. Just quit for a week, and then the next time you blaze it'll be all good.
  9. I think i need to give it a small break too..I've tried before, but only managed to cut-back. I figure i will smoke about 7 or 8 joints a day between 2 other people. And i just don't get high like i used to..
  10. When I get a bad cravign and cant get none... I come on here and look at the hardwear and talk about smokin... WORKS!!!
  11. thats a mental addiction you have going there ya know. hehe. Just call all of your friends and tell them to not let you smoke for the next month/week and to be assholes to you if you do smoke. It wont work if you have weak self control, wich you might if you have a mental addiction. If you smoked, your friends would be assholes to you (if there really your freinds) witch would depress you and make you smoke more. I tried this. then I found what worked for me. I found everything worth living for that makes weed absolite and just focused on those things, I set goals for myself and said i can smoke after i attain them. Make sure that you goals are not too hard, or you may give up and smoke, witch would fuck everything up. Sooner or later you might enjoy a life of partal soberity and not feel the need to smoke as much, wich would let there be a LOT more money floating around.

    You need to find your own system, but it is a serious matter if you have trouble quitting just for a short amount of time. I read something once about breaking patterns and routines that exist in your life that this reminded me of... hmm...

    Edit: I realized just now that this was not what you were asking for, sorry if i sounded all preachy

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