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Discussion in 'General' started by eldude-arino, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. went downstairs, made a bowl of Cap 'N Cruch, sat on the love seat, looked down to pick up the remote, and there it was.... a "Worm's Way" catalog, I've probably seen this thing a dozen times without it even registering, but the other day I was reading an "organic growers" thread and saw someone posted bat guano as their fertilizer...on the cover of the Worm's Way, 'INternation House of Guano Kit', so it's time I start growing. Their flagship store is in Southern IN so I can drive there, or have it shipped, they have ALL KINDS of lights etc, I'm so excited!

    sorry this is so long, heh
  2. haha I'm starting to get excited now too!! I am thinking on growing outdoor this season, and I am just waiting till I figure out where exactly I am going to grow
  3. Yeah! It definatly is! I just started germinating seeds yesterday over at Floydian's house, we will have them grow there for two weeks under sunlight from his windowsill and a CFL we have. From there, we will bring them here and put them under 250W CFL's for 2 week to a month, then they will be put outside when the temps hit 65-70. The grow season is upon us!


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