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  1. How much does the dryness of weed affect the potency of the weed? Is this related to the overall diminishing potency that naturally occurs with weed?
    Assuming the second question makes sense, what does this mean for grinders equipped with keif catchers? Should you use up your keif as it's collected before the potency fades completely?
    Thanks Blades!

  2. Good question. Depends on where it is stored.
    If you have dry weed and its in a mason jar in the dark, its not necessarily losing potency because its dry.
    if you have dry weed and its in a plastic bag somewhere out in the open getting light on it, it gradually loses potency. Sunlight degrades weed faster then drying up.  But none of this happens fast at all ( except for the sunlight ) it can take years for weed to lose potency.
    I like your answer lol. I think I've been getting unnecessarily anxious about losing potency as of late.
  4. I wouldnt worry about it.  Same with the kief in your grinder, its not really losing any potency.
    I save up my kief for months before I even touch it.
    IF you're talking long term storage with excess buds.. Vacuum seal it and throw it in the freezer
  5. all you're losing with improperly stored weed is terpenes. it will decarboxylate slowly as well.

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