It's a mad world.

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube- Mad World By Tears For Fears With Lyrics![/ame]

    Enough said.
  2. It's a mad world where even the good people have bad sides and vise versa, were all animals plain and simple.....anyways I like the song, nice and upbeat to the point where it balances out with the depressive connotation of the lyrics.
  3. The original is better. Ive never even heard of these guys before
  4. Thats funny you said that.....this is the original version of the song.
  5. You're saying that Gary Jules did the remake?
  6. Yeah bro. Im positive.
  7. A better Mad World.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Mad World - Gary Jules[/ame]
  8. Ha. It even has its own Wiki page.

    I still like Gary Jules version better. Maybe because I heard it first, but its a sad song, and they play it pretty fast.
  9. Yes Gary Jules did the remake, although I still prefer his more than the original one.
  10. I don't know why, but that song kind of irritates me.
  11. ^^ Lol

    Anyways, there is something special to Gary Jules version of the song it creeps on you hah.
  12. I know that, I was just confused why you put it in the Introduce Yourself Section.
  13. I put it in the general section, as its general knowledge :smoking:
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Gary Jules - Mad World (Chemikal Dubstep Remix)[/ame]
  15. Tears for fears is so awesome! This version is definitely great, I don't think any version really is "better" or "worse" than others. The Tears for Fears version is more of an anthem while the Jules version is more evocative and mystical: both moods have their purposes.
  16. If this was never in the Introduce Yourself Section I'm just really high, sorry.
  17. Yea hell yeah

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