It's a girl!

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  1. So excited. First time, bagseed, traumatic move. A serious trooper! Woot!
  2. Awesome mang! Im doing the same, bagseed..just had a traumatic move a few days after being neglected by my roommate who is a horrible babysitter....hopefully atleast 2 of my 4 will be ladies...still waiting though and I am so damn impatient lol
  4. I don't have a camera... I'll see what I can do with my phone.

    I thought about the plant all day, disbelieving that it could be true. I just got home from work, and lo and behold, it's still a girl lol! More white hairs today.

    It's just a small plant, and it's living on my porch. It clearly needs some nutes, which I'll take care of tomorrow. I'm hoping since it's been successful so far, it will flower okay outside on my porch with no adjustments.
  5. take pic on phone then send to your email then download from you email to your computer!:)
  6. here are some from today

    It's been 2 weeks since I found the first female pistils. Any idea how long flowering will be?

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    Does that do the same as scrubbing it with an exif cleaner.
  8. ? lol idk man
  9. It would be easier that way which was why I was wondering but thanks for the honesty.
  10. Is that more than one plant in the same window box pot?
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    Thats entirely strain dependant to many factors to tell for sure. 30-120 days, most strains
    around 8 weeks but I'm growing some bagseed now thats at 60 days and has at least a few more weeks to go

  12. One plant lst'd because it got so tall it was getting conspicuous!
  13. in my experience the best, most beautiful, and fastest and strongest growing were males. always disappointing. on another note... they look nice
  14. So hows it going?

  15. It's going great! I had to bring her inside during the hurricane last weekend, and it doesn't seem to have suffered any ill consequences. There are two colas with the buds just filling in the internode spaces, several secondary branches, and a ton of small buds. I got some Bud Candy today and coco noir to help hold more water. Watering twice a day has barely been enough!

    I'll have to take some new pictures tomorrow. About 4-5 weeks to go I think!
  16. Quick, buy that bitch some tampons.:yay::gc_rocks::yay:
  17. Right on! Female.
  18. Attached some pics for your viewing pleasure :). If you zoom in, you can see a bit of orange at the ends of hairs and the beginnings of frostiness :hello:

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