Its a constant problem.

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  1. Ok so when I talk to people they seem to find it amazing that I am smart. Most people from my town know I smoke and it has been like that since highschool, but everytime I try to have a logical conversation with someone they seem amazed at the fact that I know what I am talking about. And it is frustrating because they are judging me for something not worthy of being judged for. Anyone else have a similar problem?
  2. i know that feel. my teacher called my name for honor roll awards sophomore year and the whole class laughed because they thought the teacher was joking.. so fucked up haha. walked up there with a fat smile and told em fuck you. i don't blame them for laughing, i thought it was a joke at first too. i got kicked out that same year and sent to alternative ed to catch up on credits.. i don't even know how i got honor roll to begin with i never really went to class.. im not a "stupid" person, school just wasn't my thing. guess it could have been if i applied myself tho.

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  3. Not really. You know what, fuck those people. They're not half as smart as they think they are.
  4. Awww he speaks so well!!
  5. Yeah I feel you bruh. Shit happens in high school way too often! My eyes would always be red all the time and people would automatically assume that I was high all the time. They would try talking to me differently like talking slower or something nd I could always tell like what the fuck are you doing.
  6. Its just aggravating that people would make assumptions like that. Yeah I am high, no I am not retarded it especially gets to me when I say something and they say "wow you are actually smart" like what did you expect for me to be drooling on myself and not be able to form sentences?
  7. Transform yourself into a fabulously successful captain of industry, have them hired into your enterprise and then make them your bitches.
    Revenge, bro.
  8. Everyone knew I was a smart fucker but now I have been sober 222 days I'm the go to guy on anything of a technical nature.
    I have been avoiding people so I don't have to fix their shit all the time.
  9. carl sagan smoked weed. he was one of the greatest minds of our time. so who cares what people think? they can judge all they want but it doesnt mean a damn thing unless you let it get to you. the only way people can get under my skin when they insult me is if their right. but thats not often. 
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    Try being smart ,big and tall, have long hair, be covered with tattoos and see the reaction from people when you show up to fix their fucking robots and charge them $100 an hour.
    I get some funny looks. You just can't judge a book by its cover.
  11. Its just frustrating trying to have a normal adult conversation when the other person keeps sayin wow didn't know you were smart with a smile on their face. It just starts to be a nuisance and eventually makes me feel stupid for even trying to talk with people
  12. I feel you completely I am 6'6" and I have long hair and I have tattoos.
  13. Yeahh some people thought I was just a dumb stoner my senior year but then I got a 5 on the ap calc test so fuck em

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