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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bullfrog6, May 31, 2009.

  1. I've been readin around the forums about bug problems becuase my "buddys" plants are being grown outdoor and I know bugs could be a big problem...but I've come across a type of bug that I havent seen before. It's very small, green, and apears to have spike-like spines coming out of its back. It doesnt seem to be harming my "buddys" plants yet and they usually position themselves on the stem. I also found a type of bug earlier today that seemed to be slimming the plant, it was all white, no wings, looks like a termite almost. Are there any bugs that are good for plants?

    All of the bugs seem to be isolated and not all the plants have them. I would post pictures of them but i have no clue how to host them onto the internet...Its my "buddys" first time grow and he'd appreciate the help from anybody. Thank you in advanced
  2. if there is actuall no damage to the plant. its fine, if you are really worried about it you could get praying mantis or lady bugs and let them run wild. Just keep in mind that a bugs job is to weed out the sick and the weak.
  3. Ya I was thinkin bout goin out to catch some pray mantis but I dont know were to look for the little bastards...
  4. they are generally between $11 and $18 depending where you live. but right know they are very small less then an inche. grab some weed, a pipe and chair, then sit iinfront of a bush and not focus on it. Then let your eyes find the movement. but it would be quicker to buy them.

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