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It's a bird.....It's a plane...It's....It's.... INDIANATOKER BACK AT THE CITY!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IndianaToker, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Hello all my fellow blades and bladies!! Did ya miss me? :) Long time no "see". Due to a case of extreme paranoia, I had to bid our fond City a short farewell. Things have returned to normal and now I'm back!!!

    RMJL, Sid, Cottons, Critter, Budhead....... How the hell are ya doing!?!?! Hope that the warm weather has found it's way to you.....

    Norm, did I ever send ya that restore? Can't remember... Must be that short term memory loss... *wink*

    Can't wait to get back to seeing all of you people on a daily basis!! Here's wishing all you blades and bladies a safe, happy, high weekend!!
  2. glad to have you back.

    Now where have you been young man? Don't you know you have worried us all to death wondering where you were at? :D
  3. welcome back......why does everyone call everyone blades on here, out where i live a blade is a another word for a nerd or a loser or a snitch ect ect. basically someone you never wanna hang around.
  4. Grasscity...Blades of Grass...

    Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah, you are finally home! I missed you...I completely gave up on the Good Morning thread...without you, it seemed useless. I'm glad your paranoia is gone. I'm on a break from getting high but I promise to get back too it soon, so for now, everyone else is getting high for me!!!

    You've made me a HAPPY girl! Thanks for coming back to us!
  5. hey man good to see you back at the were missed my friend......paranoid?...what a lame kidding.....good to have you back mate.......Peace out....Sid
  6. Well you decide to come back and even post my name, Damn I'm proud as helll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where have you been Indianna. Have you been some where that paranoia is for breakfast???

    I guess we all have paranoia at times!
  7. Good.

    You're back.

    Sit down.

    Take a hit.

    Tell me how ya been.

    And get ready cause have I got a lot of questions of cyber things to ask you!
  8. nice to see u back!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. i tried to reply to this 3 times... each time i'd go to click "post reply" i'd have to disconnect due to someone needing the phone... but i finally got here long enough to say <big>WELCOME BACK</big>...

    ::does happy indiana's back dance::

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