its a baby girl

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    well thanks 4 every 1s help my baby is a girl. now i have 3 baby girls:hello::hello::smoke::smoke::hello::hello::smoke:: it took 16 days 2sex now im buzzing knowing its a female

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  2. Looks good and healthy, congrats on your girls! I know you're excited, my first girl is about two weeks from harvest.
  3. wot weight do u think u will get can u put a pick up please m8e
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    this is 1 of my other baby's she is only 17days old she is a feminised lemon skunk yummmmm yummmmm my picks 006.jpg they were onley £5.95 per seed from herbys head shop
  5. Congrats dude. I know you were stressing about it. :hello:
  6. she looks good, no sex yet. Do you plan on cloning her? If you are take it off the top so she'll give you some more heads. (if you want)

    You're on your way man. And this reminds me of a good lesson i see here everyday.

    The people who are prepared and do research WIN, maybe not the biggest wins always, but they win. The people who throw a seed in a cup in the window sill and their first question is "what will my yield be" before they learn anything FAIL. lol

  7. Very true :)
  8. no not going 2 clon her its my 1st grow i dont think im ready 4 cloning just yet but i have don alot of research in 2 it because 1 day im going 2 do it i just want this crop 2 go ok 1st:hello::hello::hello:
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    iv got 4x30w=150 day light bulbs 3x100w 2700soft wight 4 just 3 plants will this b ok 4 2weeks as i got no money till then 2 get more as they geting bigger?
  10. Yeah man you should be fine :)
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    if a plant is all ready a female lets say 2weeks in 2 showing its sex if it got stress can it still turn in 2 a hermie? or once it has shown its sex dos it stay a female no matter wot
  12. yes you can get a hermie even if the plant has shown full sex ,the key is to keep the plant in total darkeness on the 12 hours off ,any light leaks may cause it to turn hermie .
  13. even 5-6 weeks in 2 flowering can it go in 2 a hermie
  14. my plant has been sexing 4 5days now and it has 13 sets of leafs going up the stem but it is only got pistils on the top 3 sets of leafs witch r growing fine and i can c the difference every day in them. iv got 2x150w 6400k cfl above it and 3x100w 2700clf around the side of the plant so ALL the plant is getting light 2 it. will it catch up with the top or wot please any info please:( other wise than that the plant is very healthy
  15. give her time, those will definitely be the biggest buds you get on the top. a million little ones will pop out on the bottoms, I usually pick most of those off anyway.

    Can you post a pic? I would like to see how she's doing.
  16. my picks 010.jpg i trimmed the big fan leafs 2 days ago
  17. Over all she looks good, very healthy.

    I do see just a hint of nute burn on one of those tips on the top, and paradoxically she looks a little hungry or thirsty. But maybe that's a regular look for soil between waterings?

    My tomatos start to look like that when it's getting water time. But I am not nearly as in tune to my maters and as I am the girls...

    Overall though looking good, good color.

  18. its not nute burn i had the lights 2 close and she jue her feed 2 morrow i tested soil and ok till 2moz as well

  19. good deal man. :hello::smoke:
  20. my picks 012.jpg feminized lemon skunk i started them at the same time but i stress the little 1 out wen it was about 3days old the pot fell over and it came out i put it back and its just stay small will it get buds in time if i 12/12 it?

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