It's 5:04am. Does anyone else stay up late?

Discussion in 'General' started by Maximillien127, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I'm not working now because it's the summer. I really love just getting stoned and staying up until about 6:00, but my dad gets up at about 7:00 so I want to be asleep, so theres no questions haha.

    Anyone else just love staying up late? :D

    ;) I had a black coffee at 1am. :hello:

  2. Yeah I like to stay up later on nights that I don't have any responsibility the next morning.
  3. I hate staying up late.
    Smoke a bowl at midnight everynight. By 2 I knock the fuck out haha
  4. You're wired lol. It's 11:15 here in U.S central time. But yeah, I'm usually up til 3 or 4am. For some reason, I feel the most alive late at night. It's when I do my best thinking.
  5. i stay up till about 5 every night (morning?) and then sleep till 12. dont really feel well till later in the day cuz im so tired. but i got internet now so why sleep?
  6. Try it one day where you have nothing to do the next day. So you can just be able to wake up at like 3pm, or 2pm. Stay up late and enjoy the sheer silence at night, outside your window. Cars are parked and the people are sleeping. The world in the day is full of so much noise, but you can truly appreciate the sound of the natural earth at night! :)

    (I'm so high..:bongin: )
  7. I'm usually up for 24hrs to 36hrs with 10 hour sleeps between. I've become used to this as a result of working nights for 1.5 years now
  8. Nope, I actually hate staying up late. Usually it's forced upon me because of insomnia, though.

    It's 9:20 here in CA and I'm about to hit the sack :laughing:

  9. I have insomnia but it isn't that bad. Sometimes it can be so bad I wont sleep for 36+ hours at a time. But those periods only last about a week.

    Hell yeah man, I do love a good early night though! ;) Enjoy! :D

  10. Kudos to you dude, I don't think I could ever work nights. :D That's gotta be some talent or shiiit.
  11. I work from 4pm to 12am.. So after my shift I come home, eat dinner, play video games, clean the house.. usually go to bed at 6 or 7am and wake up at 3pm to get ready for work.. I like this schedule its very peaceful at night.
  12. It's 11:30pm mate,


  13. YES :D So you see what I mean. It's really peaceful! :)

  14. Haha, have a good one buddy! :wave:
  15. I work overnights and have been working them for almost a year, so I have been on a completely nocturnal schedule since then... I sleep at around 7:30 am and wake up around 3 or 4pm each day
  16. I stay up late if I don't have anything to do the next day.

  17. Again, kudos to you sir! :hello: I can imagine how crazy that must feel sometimes. :cool:
  18. Yep. Especailly when my brother works days, so I dont get waken up by anyone.
  19. i prefer to be asleep by ten and awake by six. it's is eleven fourty here and i am about to crash. i will sleep til eight though
  20. go to work at 5 till around 1 am. usually pass out around 7 or 8 am and sleep till like 3 lol

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