its 420 - wake and bake

Discussion in 'General' started by TreeHouseCrew, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. its 420 am.... time to blaze :smoke:

    who's up?
  2. Me, wanna go to sleep though. I looked at the clock saw it was 4:20 and sparked up one of the J's I had rolled for today. :smoke:
  3. I'm in. Just finished working another overnight shift (from home) and had the iolite ready to go! :smoke:
  4. ding dong worked 12 hours today n just picked up a qp of some reaaaaal nice middies sup lol
  5. 1:40 over here. I quit though so I'm not too anxious.

    But have fun blades!:wave:

  6. Quit?? :confused: This is madness!!

  7. Long story man, got in a rollover, almost killed my best friend (not drug related). Got me thinking, and I realized I needed to get out of that dead end town and actually try to accomplish something with my life. So I've decided to go to college and become a pharmacy technician. And it's an unpleasant but necessary thing, but weed was becoming my life.

    Don't get me wrong though, I'll still smoke, but I won't actively search it out anymore. Epilepsy, clinical depression, PTSD, and severe back and neck pain. I had to stop using weed as a crutch and deal with life head on.
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    Well once you have your life established you can always come back. You just have to control weed, not let it control you. But hell I'm a 24 year old pot head, what do I know. :D

  9. its 420 somewhere ;)

  10. Ive been thinking a lot about life lately too... but its good to hear someone elses point of view, thanks for the comment!

  11. That PTSD is going to fuck things up for me for quite some time, unfortunately...

    But I'll be seeing my little cousin this summer, pretty much guaranteed I'll be rolling a few j's while I'm there.:devious:

  12. if i had a qp right now i would have to break out the king zig zagz and bake like a boss
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    Well if it's for the best then good luck man, hope you join the HIGH SIDE again in the future. :smoke:
  14. Just took a joint to the face, now I've been driving on freeride on Need For Speed listening to the music playing in the car haha. Successful 420
  15. You're awake every 420. Haha.

  16. Do what you gotta to bro. Sometimes you gotta get your priorities straight and accomplish a few things before you get comfortable again.

    Im in blades. 3:20 central time, but im bout to crash. Just threw working out after work. Love the post workout bowl. :smoking:
  17. just ripped a few cones with my bro, got busted by the parents last night. but here i am blazed off my tits in the same house as them again lol :p
  18. The best part of my day is sitting outside my apt balcony in the morning watching the sun go up, preferably smoking, but either way its great. so relaxing, successful 420

  19. I feel ya man, my balcony is in the front of my house above my garage and I just go out there and smoke all the time. It's so relaxing just sitting there drinking a brew or two and smoking a J.

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