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  1. It's 4:17am and I'm eating icing for sustinence.
    It's my 4th year in college and I am as poor as I have ever been in my life.
    I am so poor.
    I am so poor I am eating icing for sustinence at 4 in the morning.
    I can't sleep, I have no food, I'm almost out of pot, my girlfriend moved out on me last weekend, and I don't work again for 3 days (server). I am broke as fuck, man!
    Luckily it is now 4:19 and the steamroller is packed.

    It is now 4:20:bongin::bongin::bongin:
  2. Just keep that Positive attitude and be thankful for all you got. Icing is pretty fuckin tasty
  3. Yes I must say the icing is quite tasty.
  4. Go to a soup kitchen, son. That or hang around food places during closing. Get the food before they throw it away.
  5. Life gets better just roll on:smoke:
  6. Man I feel you.

    I think it was a bad idea that my family took a short vacation last weekend.
    I think it was a bad idea to buy a dub of mid. last wednesday.
    If it wasn't for my liver, I would think it was a bad idea to get health insurance, which will take fifty out of my paycheck every week.

    I get paid an average of $190 and fifty needs to go to gas as well

    It's stressing me out....

  7. Lol, yeah, keep positive. :smoking:
  8. think to yourself "man, this shit sucks, but in the end it'll work out, i just know it"

  9. Never a bad idea to buy that dub!
  10. Save a little bit of money man get on your feet before you buy more pot know what im sayin? :smoke:
  11. eat the weed
  12. I wish! I don't pay for my pot or I would.
  13. See if u can pick up extra hours dishwashing when u dont have server hours
  14. It sucks you're having money troubles, but if I were you, I wouldn't eat icing, ramen is probably better for you, and the sugar in the icing isn't helping with your sleep problem. Maybe you could "Get rid of the weed" if you know what I mean since you're not paying for it.
  15. Ah the kitchen is overstaffed with mexicanos. Second jobs are a bitch because I'm still in school full time trying to wrap shit up here. The weed is already getting rid of itself but man that icing is tasty. I've still got a little left in there. Ran out of kool-aid last night. I don't even have anything left to sell, all I have are clothes and school books. I always hear my family and teachers and whoever saying how hard their college years were. Not that this is necessarily hard, I get dank for free, smoke whenever I want, some nights I just have to eat icing. Sometimes multiple nights in a row.
  16. dude buy some ramen noodles. im sure u can afford those. they are like 5 cents each.. u could find 5 cents
  17. You could get 3 or 4 12 packs of ramen soup for what you paid for ice cream.. Buy actual food.. Shop smartly..
  18. Gotta keep your head up
  19. i said icing, ice cream is mad expensive
  20. Buy fucken Mr. Noodles there like 49 cents each :devious:

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