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Its 2013... Is Synthetic Urine Still Reliable?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lreyes66, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Im about a year away from graduating with a tech detree. My friend who is working at a firm is well connected there and will help me get a job in the IT department their with great pay.
    Well I havent been drug tested since my preemployment for the current work place (2011) and curious if synthetic urine here (TX) is still reliable? Im kinda nervous cause I remember how nerve racking it was slipping in my bottle of quick fix while keeping it at the right temperature.
    I did a few research and found people have failed even by following directions to a T, which ended up failing because synthetic urine was discovered,

  2. I'd only use synthetic if it's a simple urine test
    Lab tests are a whole other story
  3. Just about every pre-employment drug screen is a lab screen. Seldom do companies pay extra to have it tested immediately using a quick test. Instead all the samples are shipped to a lab and ran through machines to save cost.

    That being said, synthetic worked great for me a few months ago.
  4. Used synthetic (quick fix) 5 times with 5 successful tests. No problem with it at all. :bongin:
  5. Yup. I have a buddy that used it just the other month.
  6. Yea its fine, 2 years ago I was drug tested for 3 years in a row and I used synthetic pee.
    My school would send it off to the lab and I was clear after they proccessed it.
  7. I thought it was 2019 :( i must be trippin!
    What was the time frame of those 5 tests?  Recent?  I've heard so many damn stories for and against those heh
  9. Depending on what state you're in, they may test for synthetic urine. California is one such state that does this (but only one lab, Quest maybe? tests for synthetic urine). My problem when I used this was keeping the temperature up. The doctor's office was chilly with the A/C blasting, and it was considered too cold (I used the heat pack and everything). Urine Luck makes a version that defeats the test, but I can't verify if that works still. What I would do is get a bottle, and one of those stick on thermometers, a heat pack, and have a friend who doesn't smoke fill it for you. It's gross, and awkward, but there's no way it would be detected as fake.
  10. Yep, agreed. That sucks but it's not THAT bad... I had a friend pee in a condom then put it on my waist band. Good temperature, and I got the job heh.

    He has since said smoking just isn't for him, so I likely will always have this resource haha

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  11. I've used Upass synthetic piss multiple times for simple 5 panel in-cup tests and lab tests. Passed everytime.
  12. Do you recall what labs you've used? I have a pre-employment screening coming up and they're letting me pick what lab I go to. In my area I've found Labcorp, Quest, Anylabtestnow and Concentra. I bought Quick Fix 5.7-1 and verified its not a recalled batch. It's my first time trying to sub so I'm a little on the panicky side.
  13. In my opinion I'd use synthetic as a plan B, with plan A being substitute with clean urine from someone else. That's what I did for my test last thursday, and yeah I looked and saw stories both for and against synth urine and decided not to risk it. 
  14. Go with concentra. I have passed there several times with fake pee, and quite recently.

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  15. Quick fix works, I have done 2 drug tests with it last year at Labcorp and at a hospital for a job, and they both passes. However the color on quickfix is sketchy. The lady at the hospital pointed out how light the "piss" was, and I said "Ahh its normal for me I drink mainly water." The color on quick fix is too light green and neony, but it has not failed me. The lady at labcorp didnt say anything.
  16. thats all you have to say about it, ive had bad kindey stones in the past and had to change my diet (food and drink) to quit em and my Dr. said your pee should always been almost clear like water, the darker it is the more dehydrated you are, everyone should pee atleast a gallon a day and fill up a cup or more each time you do go pee, and thats a LOT of liqiuid
  17. read some stories... how can labcorp detect fake urine at some labs and pass others?
  18. OP did u ever take the test and got a result?
    I have a pre employment drug screen soon here in Texas (assuming I get the job)... not sure who will be the test lab but labcorp and quest are pretty popular here.
    I used quick fix in 2010 and was successful but science and technology advance every year and kinda nervous synthetic will be detected.
  19. Hello all!
    So, I just took a drug test today using P Sure. I have read all of the reviews about using synthetic urine and I can tell you now that I feel that I am sure I passed.  I had no problems with warming up the urine, and totally did not have any problems pouring the urine. And heres the kicker, Ill be working right along side law enforcement. HAHA
  20. ive used quick fix w/ uric acid twice in the last few months and passed.  

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