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It's 11am, is everybody on tha block stoned yet?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by TooSicKs, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. hell yeah, woke up this morning and sat on my doorstep. A frind of mine was walkin' by and stopped to BS. So he asks if i got my lil desktop bong workin' yet and i tild him no, but my 5 footer works just fine. There was a twinkle in his eye when he heard that so he busts out a sack and we go inside. The rest of the cool peeps on my block came over soon after and caught one to tha dome out tha cannon barrel.

    so it's like 11 in the mornin' i barely scrubbed tha krustys out tha windows and everybody in my building is hi as fuck, pretty fuckin' sweet.

    oh yeah, and i traded my hand scale for a fat bud, and a few weeks ago i got a new weed tray that i busted out this mornin'. My new tray came from a state politician,state senator i think, off his private jet.


  2. very very nice on the rolling tray. see politicans are good for somthing

  3. Toosicks, sounds like you're starting off tha week on tha right foot! LOL
  4. 11am on a Monday and you're smoking!!!!!

    Next time, wake your lazy ass up at daybreak and welcome the rising sun with a wake-n-bake. 5 more hours of the daylight you just wasted by sleeping when could have had a smoke
  5. i been wakin'up at 5am all weekend, this is my saturday. I only work weekends

  6. Man, TooSicks, I want to live on your block :D
  7. well hempress if you moved out here with your friends ya coulda been livin' on my block.

    Like tha new sig!


  8. :D Danke

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