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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sd8ted, May 16, 2010.

  1. So i work at a wholesale garden warehouse that supplies alot of the nurseries and stores in the southeast. We have just about everything you can imagine. Looking around is like a growers paradise haha. We all all kinds of soils, manures, compost, ferts, growing systems(earthboxes), timers, testers, even a load of organic stuff etc etc u name it we got it. Bags of soil are constantly ending up damaged and employees can take home damaged after it's taken out of inventory. So seeing all of these supplies ready for the picking gives me the urge lol. And certain things i need could end up damaged as well...on purpose that is haha;). I've never grown anything so I wouldnt even know where to begin. Plus i would need a location. Any thought or ideas?
  2. Read the first link in my sig for the basics and to get a general idea on what's needed. After that, check out the grow journal section. It's easier to learn from other's mistakes than make them all yourself :p

    The specific soil is up to you. I suggest nothing with time release nutes (aka no miracle grow)

    Also, as a bit of advice, people around these parts don't like vague questions :p If you have a specific question to ask, generally it will be answered. Otherwise you'll get a generic "go read the stickies".

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