Italy - Venice - Herb?

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  1. Hey blades,
    I'll be heading to Italy for a week on saturday and will be living near Venice. I obviously want to be blazing during my trip, but I don't want to risk my familys holiday by smuggling a little bit of cannabis with me. I don't want to ask for connections either since I realize that's against the forum rules, but I would like to ask if anyone has ever been in the area and maybe knows about the cannabis trade?
    I figured I'd just wait till I find a big bunch of rastas and ask them for advice otherwise :p

  2. when i was in Italy i bought hash off of one of the street vendors. that was 9 years ago but i doubt much has changed.
    I suppose they trade paraphenelia on the streets? I guess I could ask those people as well :)
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    i bought a pipe from a shop while i was over there. ended up cleaning it with vinegar, which completely cleaned out all of the resin thus allowing me to fly home with it.

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