Italian MEP's come over to the UK to support coffeeshop and Colin Davies !

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    "The Italian Job"

    Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies' appearance in court for cannabis


    Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP who was arrested last Saturday, December
    15, in front of the Stockport Police Station for cannabis possession, is due
    to appear before the Magistrate in Stockport, next Thursday, December 20, at
    14.00 hrs, GMT.

    The reason for the MEP's voluntary arrest was to openly support the cause of
    Colin Davies, (not related), who opened a Dutch style coffeeshop, the Dutch
    Experience, in Stockport, Greater Manchester, on September 15, 2001, with
    the support of Nol van Schaik, a Dutch coffeeshopkeeper and owner of the
    Global Hempmuseum.
    The intention of this coffeeshop was to supply Colin's patients with medical
    marihuana, and selling it for social use to healthy people. The social users
    were supposed to pay the full price, this way enabling Colin and his MMCO, to supply his patients for half the price, and to
    make the project self supporting.
    The cannabiscafe, as it is called in the UK, was raided by the Greater
    Manchester Police on the openingsday, Colin Davies was arrested, and all
    Dutch people present.
    The place was re-opened the same day, by Colin's Mediweed patients and close
    friends, and started to be a coffeeshop from that time.
    The police left the place alone for 8 weeks after that, leading Colin Davies
    and his vistors to believe the situation was tolerated. The press was all
    over Colin and the Dutch Experience in that period, Colin and his visitors
    spoke openly about the use of cannabis.

    The Dutch Experience was raided again on November 20, around 13.00 hrs, just
    after Colin returned from court, where he was charged with possession and
    supply of cannabis, and the importation of cannabis. Colin and nine others
    were arrested, of whom four were charged with possession, with intent to
    supply, all were released, except Colin Davies. He was held on remand, the
    Magistrate stated that Colin would re-offend, and refused the bail request.
    Colin Davies is still locked up in Strangeways prison in Manchester, in the
    hospital wing, Colin is a mediweed patient himself. He started using
    cannabis to be able to cope with constant pain, caused by a spinal injury,
    his spine is broken in five places, after a heavy fall, that nearly killed

    Chris Davies, a Liberal Democrat Member of European Parliament, from
    Stockport, who was always in support of Colin's initiatives for medical
    marihuana, was and is appalled by the fact that Colin Davies, a sick person,
    is being kept in prison, without being convicted, for the possession and
    supply of cannabis, a non-violent offense.
    After Colin's arrest and the refusal of his bail, his supporters started to
    have themselves arrested on a voluntary basis, in front of the Stockport
    Police Station, possessing and supplying eac hother with cannabis joints, on
    two Saturdays, November 24 and December 1, 2001.
    Chris Davies was present at the December 1 event, and vowed to hand himself,
    a non-cannabis user, into the Police Station, to be arrested for the
    possession of cannabis, on Saturday, December 15. He kept his promise, and
    turned himself in, accompanied by dozens of supporters of Colin Davies. The
    press witnessed his arrest, after a speech about why he thinks the laws on
    cannabis should be changed, after the Dutch example.
    He pleaded not guilty, the reason he has to appear before the Magistrate,
    next Thursday.

    Two of Chris Davies political colleagues, Marco Capatto and Maurizio Turco,
    both MEP for Italy, accompanied by Ottavio Marzocchi of the Radical Party,
    will attend the local MEP's courthearing and the following press conference
    in front of the Dutch Experience.
    The Italian politicians are in full support of Colin Davies' efforts, and
    sympathise with Chris Davies' initiative to expose this case of injustice to
    the world.

    The Radical Party is known for its anti-prohibition stance, and have been
    involved in similar actions in Italy, to show they disagree with their
    country's cannabis laws.
    The Italian MEP's and the Radical Party consider the situation around the
    Dutch Experience cannabiscafe in Stockport and the UK a matter of European
    interest, the reason they want to be present, and involved in the event.

    Chris Davies, Marco Capatto, Maurizio Turco and Ottavio Marzocchi will be
    available on a press conference, in front of the Dutch Experience, at 14.30
    hrs, GMT, on Thursday, December 20. Chris Davies will comment on his
    previous court hearing, half an hour earlier.

    Chris Davies Liberal Democrat MEP.
    87A Castle Street
    SK3 9AR
    Tel: 0161 477 7070
    Fax: 0161 477 7007

    Maurizo Turco's URL :

    Marco Capatto's URL :

    Ottavio Marzocchi's URL :

    and the Radical Party's actions for cannabislaw reforms :

    For more info :

    The Dutch Experience, 0161 480 5902.
    Hooper St, Stockport, Gtr Manchester.

    Mr Nol van Schaik, 0031651852545
    Mr Schaik will be available for interview on the day

    Colin Davies Solicitor's Details.
    Nicholas Herman Partnership
    Chris Hinnett
    164 Oldham Road, Manchester, M4 6BG.
    0161 202 4999, Chris Hinnett Mobile number 07808 588 278

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