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    I woke up today feeling congested and had a slight sore throat. I'm a senior in high school so my mom called me in sick. She decided to take a nap. Problem was I had no bud. I decided to clean my pipe to get a little resin. Now, I hate smoking resin. I looked in my dugout and I notice kief all around the inside. I wanted to get it out and mix in with my resin I got from my pipe. I got a paper clip and cleaned it out. I managed to get enough to fill my one hitter with kief and resin. The taste of resin was virtually non-existent.

    The total sum of the story is that I'm feeling great now
    :D. Mostly part in due from not smoking a week before this and not being a daily smoker.

  2. so you dont go to school for a sore throat, so you decide the best thing to do is to smoke a pipe filled with rez and some kief? isnt that a little counter productive?
  3. My throat wasn't as bad as my congestion. Plus I felt like a little treat after finsishing my report on denamark for school.
  4. I throw so much resin I could be smoking on that shit for days, but I dont really enjoy it so I just toss it...

    Sometimes I'll scrape the resin thats just in the bowl part, cause sometimes if you look theres hairs and all types of bud matter stuck to those walls of the can kinda see what I mean in my sig, aha

  5. your not missing much. if you can afford to support your WEED habit, then smoke weed.

    if you find it necessary to smoke resin, then thats your choice. i personally dont like it, and i learned quick on this forum not to judge.

    IMHO, i woudlve taken a lortab, or some form of low dosage opiate, as it will make you loopy and somewhat help. your throat

    my 2 c

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