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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by HEAVYhitter, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I've started growing in a safe I've got in my closet. The plant is in a 2 gallon pot and sprouted about 1 1/2-2 weeks ago, it's under a 60 CFL blub thats puttin out around 1000 lumens. The problem is it stopped growing, the light is on 24/7 and the temp is around 80, but it still has only 1 set of leaves and is still only bout 2 inches. What thhe hell is goin on?
  2. How far is the light from the plants? 2 gallon pot is awfully big for such a tiny little seedling. If the light is from 2-3 inches from the plants, try putting light on for 18/6. If light is not 2-3 inches above the tops get it there. What type of soil are they in as well?
  3. Growing inside of a safe? How big of a safe? And how are you handling ventilation?
  4. The plant will only grow up to the light and stop, is it branching out only??? Also if your overwatering it, it will stunt its growth.

    Also you said CLF, if its not the daylight version dont expect it to jump to life and grow, 1000 lumens is nothing you need more light.

  5. Correction on the pot size, what I meant was 1 gallon pot. Mircle Grow.

    It's about 2 1/2 feet hight, 2 feet deep, and about 2 feet wide. I leave the door open and put a dual fan with one blowing in and one sucking out.

    I think that might have been the problem, I moved the light up about 3 inches and within 5 hours I noticed the second set of leaves coming out (weird huh?). I only water it when the soil about 2 inches below the surface feels dry, then I just use a water sprayer at room temp. As for the bulb, should I up it to a 100 watt CFL, I think that puts out around 1800 lumens?

    Thanks guys, I'll get the pics up asap... :D
  6. Move to a 5 gallon bucket =). 1 Gallon for that size isnt enough.
  7. Yes, if you could increase wattage/lumens that is always best. What type of Miricle Grow soil is it? Is there any "time release fertilizer" or "feeds for 3 months" on the bag?

  8. Cool...But I threw out the bag, but I'm pretty sure it was just regular MG. Should I add something to it?
  9. Hopefully it does not have any of those added nutrients in it because if it does they could get over fertilized. If it is MG organic than you should probably add perlite to it because drainage sucks in MG. That could be another reason why the slow growth.
  10. Update on the pics, check the gallary and tell me what ya think.
  11. Bad news man. Even though your plants look good, you have time release fertilizer in them. See those yellow balls? That's MG for you. Plus the soil has too much bark in it. I would transplant them out of the MG as soon as you can or else they could get over fertilized. Here is what can happen if you don't.
  12. Ah man... that's some shit. What is the best stuff to get thats not organic (the store that has it is 15 minutes car) and would be good for the plant. Also how do I transplant the roots and all in to the the new soil? Thanks SmkmVTEC
  13. Turn the pot upside down while holding the stem of the plant and tap the bottom until it comes out. I hate soil, its so ugly and messy.
  14. Can I use Expert Perfect Mix, it says it feeds up to nine months but it says its all organic?
  15. Hey man.
    No problem. I don't know about that Perfect mix. We are helping a guy that is using that stuff and he is having problems. If I recall we are not 100% sure what the problem is however. Not being familiar with the soil but just venturing some guesses, even if that soil has bat guano worm castings and all other organic ferts, it is still possible to over fertilize seedlings. If thats the case (which it is because it feeds up to 9 months) I would stay away from it until the plants are at least 3 weeks old and 3-5 nodes in height. If you can try to go to a local nursery and get some professional potting soil WITHOUT nutrients in it and one that already contains vermiculite perlite sphagnum peat moss etc. And then Heavy, I just hope we don't solve your problems and then find your safe is just too small for a decent plant.
  16. Thanks man, I'll hit up the hardware store and see if they don't got anything. Lol, Naw man, I'm growing in the safe till it's too tall for the safe then I'm moving it outside in an open field next to a storm run-off. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  17. Just my two cents on Expert Gardener pefect mix. I use the same exact soil on my big plant as well as my two babies, and after a few weeks still no signs of overfertilization. The babies are growing, one better than the other, but growing up strong none the less. I think as long as you're careful with it it'll work fine.

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