It went in the bong!

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  1. So a few days ago me and 4-5 buddies we're sitting around the deck at the cottage we had for a week up at the beach.. One of the buddies who was with us had his nice new 2.5 ft zong with a nice ash catcher sitting out and we were packing fat personals. Well the weed pile is getting low so we decide to break out some more.. As its getting broken up, this moth comes out of no where and literally pissed off everyone sitting in the circle.. It was weaving in an out of a heads, landing in peoples hair, etc. for 15-20 seconds their are literally 10+ arms swinging at this thing but it had to be the neo of the moth world because it was dodging everything!! after those 20 seconds it flew about 10 feet in the air and we are all like "whatever it won't come back" but we are all still watching it just incase, when out of no where.. NOSE DIVE straight down into the bong.. Everyone was in complete shock as to what just happened haha.. it got down about 1/4 of the way (2-3 kinks of the zong) and just sat there.. We couldn't get it out, we tryed everything lol.. So what did we do?? Ripped a fat sesh with him in there!! haha he eventually walked (not fly, he was ripped lol) down into the chamber and swam for a good hour in our milky hits before he died lol
  2. LOL thats crazy you shouldve just washed it out i wouldnt be taking hits out of it with a nasty ass moth in it lol i hate bugs!
  3. We thought about it, but it came down to all of us being lazy stoners lol..

    We were all way to high to move
  4. you know you just smoked moth......
  5. uhhh, I just smoked an ant.
  6. Meh, its not like the moth was actually burnt and smoked. The smoked just went around the moth each hit. doesn't bother me!
  7. mothamphetamine
  8. hahaha
    thats great

    but thats true^ moths carry mothamphetamine which can act as a mild hallucinat wen smoked out of a bong.


  9. i think that moths wings are so fragile that they "rip" or get damaged if u even touch im pretty sure that contact with smoke would damage the wings and float some good ol moth particles in your mouth
  10. wow that reminds me, i havent tripped off that in a while
  11. Haha that's funny shit man
  12. oh shit its the newest drug on the streets yo'!
  13. What if someone just sucked the moth up? Hahaha
  14. Just like smoking THC worms.......
  15. Couldn't lol. We tryed sucking really hard when we were trying to get it out but it wouldn't move.. But we were still extra careful when taking hits that it didnt fly out into our lungs lol
  16. couldnt you just put the lighter to where it was sittin and heat it up. Prob would have moved.
  17. all i would be able to think about is inhaling that moth
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    Well, that's better than what happened to me. A few years ago, something similar happened when I went to my dealer's place to buy a dime. She wasn't there, but her son (let's call him John), whom I had known since I was 7 or so, was there, so we hit the bong until she got back. It was a sweet little bong that had Yoda's head attached to the front of it, but I noticed there was something funny about the way it made the weed taste. I brought it up, and the conversation went something like this:

    Me: This is the same shit we smoked last week, innit?
    John: Yep.
    Me: Why does it taste so weird?
    John: Haha, oh shit, I forgot about that. This kid I know came over last night and there were leatherjackets flyin' around and shit while we were smoking. I said it would be funny to smoke one, and he said he'd do it, and the crazy bastard caught one and toked it up.
    Me: Oh....*continues smoking*
  19. I searched leatherjackets to find out what the fuck they are (lol) and couldn't find any flying ones, just two types of fish and the larvae of the crane fly are called leatherjackets. Do you mean crane fly by that term?

    Just curious...

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