it was raining fruity pebbles...awesome night

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  1. A couple weeks ago there was an "inland hurricane" and it knocked the power out in my area for like a week. I was at school and I decided to go home since there was no power, water, and I didn't have any cash...but before I went home me, my roommate, and his 18 year old brother all got high and it was one of the blackest nights ever and it was very chill sitting next to our huge fire. I walked off into the woods and enjoyed the moonlight coming through the trees and just kinda stood there for a few minutes jammin out to the music coming from my house...then when i got back to the fire i started laughing until i was crying and i had a box of fruity pebbles and i decided to start throwing them everywhere and i was yelling at the top of my lungs "oh my god run, it's raining fruity pebbles!!"...they were thrown straight up in the air but mostly right at my roommates brother, right in his face...i thought it was the funniest shit ever...he thought otherwise...we also wanted a pizza but with no power it was a problem...we found a carboardbox, covered it inside and out with foil, put the grill grating over the fire elevated, and popped the pizza in the sucked fucking ass but we still got to eat a burnt carboard tasting pizza so that was ok....yes i know my story sucks...i'm still a bit stony faced from last night....
  2. beat me to it
  3. ^ I second that.
  4. that picture is in every other thread, lmfao. the story was........on crack
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