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  1. I wanted to share a quick story of my first time truely being high. I had NO tolerence to weed, I had only smoked once before and didn't get high at all barley.

    It was a chilly winter night, i was with a couple friends and we drove to a local park after rolling a martini flavored blunt. I was new to weed but the weed didn't look perticularly strong. Anyway we started smoking and were half hot boxing the car. I took about one or two good hits and several small hits, plus what i was inhaling from it being hot boxed. I wasn't feeling much at first, but we finished and drove away.

    When the fun began. It hit me several minutes after we were done smoking. It was glorious. What i can only describe as a brain orgasm. It was this intense tingling feeling, (like when a arm or leg falls alseep) except very pleasent, it was overwelming the top of my head/brain. My body felt light and almost slightly slow motion. I was expeiencing euphoria, i professed my love for everyone in the vehicle, and layed my head out the window, the cool air felt like waves of bliss on my skin. Then i expeience a memory gap.. I cant remember a few minutes intill we were parked.

    We were parked by a local gass station and a friend was buying some amphetamines. From what they say i was giggling and talking to my self and twictching. All i rember was my eyes were squinting and I felt good. I got out of the car to assist a friend in going to the bathroom in the gass station, and I rember my legs felt so floaty and weak. I rember jumping and exclaming "I can fly!" When my feet hit the ground it was like electric shocks pulsed through my body. It was too much, they told me i was too high and was going to be obvious so i went back into the car..

    I cannot remember anything else that night. But oh, it was the best experience EVER. It HAD to have been pure indica. :smoke:
  2. Your first time getting high will allways be one of your best.
  3. sounds like you were bro'ing out hard.
  4. Hahaha. I was.. unfortunetly that was one of the last times I ever smoked indica.. this area is ruled by sativa, which i HATE.
  5. Lol, good story. I love the slow motion feeling. But mine seems more like a flip book. You know like one frame at a time lol. Never stuck my head out of a car while high but sounds amazing. Will have to try it some time.
  6. :eek:*gasp*

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