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It was a dark and stormy night...........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. the human put on the phones of the head type and listened to the pale, skinny, bald headed dude named Moby, loopin a track of some black man saying, "I gonna work now baby, WOOOOOOOO, 'fore tha sun go down." And it was good. And pretty soon the human began doing the WOOOOOO with the black man, and it was good. So the human went to work with the black man, WOOOOOOO, 'fore tha sun go down. And it was good. Startin to feel like a black man workin 'fore tha sun go down, the human was really starting to wail. And it was good. Until................

    .....a tap on the shoulder.

    Which snapped him out of his world of headphones, causing him to be yanked thru space and time back to the living room he had just left. And to the faces of alarmed domestic types and assorted animals who apparently did'nt care if he had to work,WOOOOOO before that sun go down. They also reminded him he was too white to sing like that.

    I just hate when that happens.
  2. lol....ya kill me


  3. ok sorry i dont understand the story, but have you ever played Michael Jacksons Moonwalker on the sega genesis? that game is genius! anyways, after you beat certain levels, his pixelated face takes up the screen and he goes WOOOOOOO in like one pitch, lmao its great i suggest you try iT!! TRY IT NOW!
  4. I'm sorry but we all gathered at the town square and burned everything to do with Michael Jackson when his nose started to fall off. Scared some of the church folk around here.
  5. i know, i know i shouldnt be laughin
    but i am....
  6. The anti-christ in the form of a pale black (man?) pop star with a failing nose is nothing to be laughing about young lady!
  7. maybe thats not what im laughin at :)

  8. Well..............

    Maybe yopu should be?

    Ooops. The muscle relaxer is fingding it's way into my feeeengers
  9. ok..well..heres the stoned..and smokie just said some shit..that was totally stoned..

    so i laughed

    and then proceed to tell you why the mexicans i work with say santa claus when i sneeze

    they believe santa claus is the devil....why you ask?
    i would answer, because santa claus is the devils ploy to distract from the true meaning of christmas

    the mexicans believe that you are posessed hen you sneeze...therefore they say sancho claus

    Escuba de cicate y cascara
  10. ann,mr major topic changer :D
    we say, bless you because.......once long long ago we believed that when you sneezed your soul lelf your body,.and if someone said god bless you, youd get it back. at least thats how i think i remeber it from the "big book -0- buncha knowledge" i read when i was 10. where i still remeber the horror of learning in mummyification they pulled yer brain out thru your nose...


  11. shouldn't be too hard to mummify SmokinOkie, its a miracle that his tiny brain hasn't slid out of his nose on its own.

    Ok, your turn Smoky.
  12. LMAO, man, this thread just cracks me up. you guys are too funny

  13. I sneezed my brain out when I was 3. Ain't slowed me down none. Makin fun of the mentally missing now are we? You know how sensitive I am, and still you treat me likw this???!!!

    On the upside, think of all the money I saved not having to kill braincells with alcohol and drugs, not having any to begin with. That can get so expensive.

    It's not the weed.

    I'm really that dumb.

    See? I can insult me better than you!:p:)

  14. Did you know that the TOOTHbrush was invented in Oklahoma?

    If it had been invented anywhere else it would have been called the TEETHbrush.
  15. What has 30 feet and 9 teeth?

    The front row at BPP's 5th grade graduation.:D
  16. LOL!
    smokie ur a funny

  17. LMFAO!!! omg... this thread is too funny!

    ya know the indoor toilet was invented by John Crapper :D
  18. hahahahahaha holy shit you guys, this thread just keeps getting funnier.
  19. I always like a good Smokie and Poppa conference.. It makes me laugh my ass off!

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