It sucks having parents that don't make that much money.....

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  1. While all my friends are going to be living on their own in college, I'm going to be living at home going to perimeter :(
  2. You can try to get a part-time or full-time job so you can help your parents out or save up for your own.
    There's also jobs that offer scholarships through employment depending on your location.
    Sorry for your situation.
  3. Yeah I hear ya man, all my friends parents are still paying their rent for christ sakes.
  4. This is the new America. The American dream - dead. Rich get richer, middle class disappears. That's what Republicanism brings you.
  5. You're lucky you can even go to college because of academic probation I can't go to any college for another semester even though I already sat out for a semester.
  6. While I do feel you on it being an issue, I dont agree with the insinuation that you cant go to college because you are poor. You can do well in high school and get scholarships if you have the drive.
  7. get a job learn to save money. move out.

    it's really not that hard. they're no excuses
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    Bullshit. It's not all about a person's drive anymore.

    The rise of tea party economics has caused spending to be drastically cut in our down economy. This especially includes funds for education, scholarships, and financial aid for the underprivileged.

    Plus, unemployment is at a high, leaving graduates the burden of mounting student loans. Our country needs to get it's priorities straight: the working class shouldn't bare the brunt of a bad economy.
  9. no you can still do anything you want don't try to let them make you think otherwise.
  10. Get a job, pay for your own sh*t. Problem solved
  11. How do you expect a person without money to attend and complete college?
  12. A mininum wage job at Mc Donalds isn't going to pay for college these days.
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    yeah that sucks. community college is so expensive let alone a university. I told my parents at age 18 to keep my college fund money and put it towards their retirement. I didn't go to college and now I'm working two jobs. you gotta just go with what you can.

    I don't regret it. A college.diploma won't help you get a job anymore.
  14. Anyway, I digress - the thread op's parents aren't poor as I initially thought, they just can't afford the luxurious amenities of a dorm room. Right? Oh well! You still got it fucking good in the scheme of things. I wouldn't complain about your gig right now.
  15. There's an entire section here that I think you could benefit from. It's called Marijuana Cultivation. However, once you make it in life don't you think you will be more satisfied knowing you overcame more obstacles than those who were handed everything?
  16. My dad owns a business that did pretty bad these last couple years, which means no money for my college. Luckily, I did alright on the ACT and so, with scholarships from the college and federal aid, I'm paying $1,300 for a college that normally would cost me over 30 grand a year.
  17. The programs that helped you out are being cut and disappearing. Future generations won't be as lucky as you were.
  18. you guys are fucking nuts. Community college is cheap as fuck. education is free if you look for it. your living expenses wont necessarily get paid for by a scholarship program, but your tuition definitely can be.

    If you can't afford to go to community college, you need to stop smoking weed asap and get your shit together. a community college course cost less than an eighth of bud.

    minimum wage ANYWHERE will pay for community college. If you live at home and eat your parents food, then all you have to pay for is gas and community college tuition, which is nothing!
  19. An associates degree isn't going to get you a high-paying job. Students will eventually have to transfer to a high-cost university.
  20. bro file for fasfa (or fafsa i forget lol) i go full time and end up with like 1500 bucks in my pocket at the end of a semester, its a grant so i dont have to pay it back ever.

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