It sprouted!!!!! =d

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  1. Yesterday afternoon around 1i planted my germinated seed in some soil and put it in my "grow box" under a 14 watt cfl about 1 inch above it and today i checked on it and it had sprouted it broke through the ground and im so excited about it bcus its my first attempt at growing this beautiful plant. I wattered it yesterday bfor i put the seed in so wen should i watter it again? I was thinking tht i could tomorrow or saturday , am i rite? But then again it depends on how fast it gets dry.
  2. Stick your finger a couple inches in your soil. If its dry water it, if it isn't don't water it. Seedlings don't need to be watered often because they don't need that much water.

    I suggest getting a few more cfls because one 13w cfl won't be enough for your plant. Maybe get like 3-4 23w cfls. Then your set.

    Just my opinion. If u want more help don't hesitate to ask :)
  3. how long will it be ok with just tht 14 watt bcus its gna take a couple days until i get 4x23 watt cfls
  4. Should be ok for about a week max I would say BUT get them asap, but this is just out of the blue, I just recently started my first grow, here is the link if you want to check it out ;)

    Good luck :)

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