It seems like more advance technolgy gets the crappier life gets

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Doesn't it seem that way the 80's was cool the 90's was okay and now the 00's is just Blah there just isn't a good feeling to this decade does anyone else feel the same?
  2. what about the eighties did you like so much?

    "its called the every other decade theory. i mean, the 60's ruled, the 70's obviously suck, so maybe the 80's wont be so bad."
  3. thats the first thing that came to mind
  4. no, society is at a mook point because the population of people who are intelligent is growing significantly. due to this, generational gaps are becoming more prominent due to a severe differentiation between the intelligence levels of each generational group.

    Our generation is also extremely apathetic, intelligent or not, usually due to the availability of consumer products reducing the need for specific tasks to be done (cook your own food, look through a library for information, etc. etc. etc.) People don't have the attention span that man used to, but our ability to take in information faster has increased significantly since our paleolithic ancestors.

    Soon the power struggle between the New World Order (bush and right wing conservative enthusiasts) and the various liberal democrats and libertarians will reach a moot point and the call for sanity will come from someone who represents the rising intelligence and awareness that is becoming the cornerstone of American society again. Socialism may become the new form in an extremely slow fashion, until one day America realizes that it is socialist and working within certain capitalistic dogma.

    Religion, philosophy, science, and magic will all combine into one sort of relatively certain belief, with respect being given for those who vary slightly to largely, which will still be a prevalent base of every human society until the end of the world or our various evolutionary cycle.

    Etc. etc. etc. My thoughts on the future. It doesn't look bleak to me.
  5. hahaha

    but yea dude, what about the double o's has got you so down?

    think about all the advancement in medical technology...we can live forever!!! and better yet, we'll suck the system for what its got when we're old and on social security...and we wont have to pay for it, the next generation will!

    wow i went on a ramble.
  6. I don' t think social security will last to when I'm sixty, just my opinion tho.
  7. of course it will last dude. since when has this country been worried about debt? we'll just draw money for it from other sources.
  8. So do you not follow current events or what? Social Security it totally fucked. Their budget is already half a trillion a year and growing.

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