It Seems Like Everyone Smokes More Than I Do

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    i hear that, i dont always like getting ripped either sometimes obviously lol maybe a friday or sat night or some night i aint gotta be up to do shit.  gettin ripped ripped is a special occasion, gettin high is a regular thing...heh 

  2. If less is more for you, then all the better! It's not a competition. Everyone is different. 
  3. Not everyone smokes everyday or a lot everyday, just do what works for you, isn't some kind of competition. When I first started I would smoke once a day, probably about half a dub, then it moved onto 1 & now ill smoke an 8th to myself every 2 days. I do smoke to medicate which is why I'm a daily smoker but I also enjoy it which is why I can easily smoke it all so quick.
  4. You may just be getting better weed. Also, you're only smoking about a gram a week. So you don't smoke much assuming you take 1 - 2 days off a week.
  5. I have a very low tolerance to anything. Drinking and smoking has been super cheap haha i take 2 medium hits and im toast. And i have been smoking for a long time now. Just depends on your chemistry, what you smoke, and how often.

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  6. I'd say you smoke less than many habitual smokers. :smoking:
    Wait...So you're tellin' me this trophy sittin' on my desk here was for nothing?  No way, get the fuck outta here, shit...I mean...Fuck, I knew it was too easy to win. :cool:
  8. Some people including myself like smoking a lot. There's nothing wrong with that, and while you may like conserving your weed that doesn't make it the better option. Moderation isn't key, smoking whatever amount you feel comfortable with is what is key.
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    I used to feel insecure about my tolerance and then I was like, I can higher quicker, and with less weed.

    The last guy I was with had to face 2 blunts in order to get high as fuck. For me, depending on how good the weed is, it could be about half a bowl to a bowl and I'd be high for hours.

    That's the life. I would hate to have to smoke two blunts in order to get high. That takes forever!

    Plus you only have to go through with the dealer bullshit every couple of weeks instead of every couple of days like heavy smokers.

    It's an all around win for me.
  10. Yeah you don't smoke much but that's a good thing. There's good aspects to low and high tolerances. At least with low tolerance it is cheaper to get high and you smoke much less to get high, with a high tolerance you can smoke a lot and not embarrass yourself by getting too high but you smoke so much and don't feel the same high, it's definitely not as good as low tolerance. Smoke as much as you want.
  11. I feel you

    My take is if your handling your business, smoke as much as you want. Like you said whatever feels comfortable.
  12. Yeah I would smoke about a gram per day and I'd be riptarded all day. I go to my friends and they blow through almost an 8th a day.
    I think it's more of a habit thing rather than needing to get that high.
  13. It is a better option, I save money that way.
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    if you weren't kidding that's incredibly ingnorant
    OP i smoke twice a week bro, i buy a Q at a time that can last me about 1 month and a half. i know people who also go through an eighth a day. i used to be a huge stoner but now i use weed entirely in moderation
    it's about personal preference. it's alright to say no, it's alright to say fuck it im not getting high just because everyone else is. personally its a huge expense and i need to keep my lungs in decent condition because i work out, i need good lungs for endurance and adequate oxygen to my muscles
  15. It may be a better option for you, but we're not talking exclusively about you, now are we?
  16. Whatever dude man bro
  17. Same here man, icdont like to get stupidly stoned,cjust enough that i feel great :)
  18. It will be 17 years of smoking for me this summer, and I still usually can make an 1/8th last me a month. I think a lot of it is helped by the fact that pretty much exclusively use a vaporizer now. 
  19. An eighth would last me like a month lmao

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  20. Errbody's different, bro. An ounce can last me anywhere from one week to four. All depends on availability and what I got going on in my life. Sometimes I need to be sober for most of the day and sometimes I wanna get stoned for a week. Don't really matter.

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