It Seems Like Everyone Smokes More Than I Do

Discussion in 'General' started by Dubular, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking for a year and a half now, and it seems like everyone I talk to says they smoke like an eight or two a week, one even saying an eighth a day. This seems like a lot to me. My roommate and I always split an eighth, and that would last us 3-4 weeks. I don't know if I could even handle smoking an eighth in one day.

    Are these guys smoking ridiculous amounts, or do I just not smoke much?

  2. youre just a noob. dont time youll grow up
  3. maybe theyre lying?
  4. it's not a competition.  smoke however much you want to smoke.
  5. You really don't smoke much at all imo (I couldn't imagine smoking that little), but that's probably better than blowing hundreds of dollars a month and facing blunts like snoop. I guess everyone just enjoys a different level/frequency of intoxication.
    When I first started my tolerance was so crazy low a gram would last me a month smoking every day.  Seriously, a tiny pinch in a bowl and I'd be feeling it for hours.  For some stupid reason I wanted to build a tolerance so I could smoke more like everyone else.  I smoke every day and still smoke a lot less than many seasoned tokers, but I sure miss the days when .05g of shwag would give me crazy vivid dreams.
    Everyone's different, man.  Don't worry about how much anyone else smokes, just find out what works best for you.  And be happy you don't have to reload as often.  That's a good thing.
  7. Time for some real talk haha. But who really cares dude? Smoking is something that you personally enjoy doing so it should be something that you enjoy in your own personal way. If you green out on just a little bit of weed then you're a lucky guy haha I personally can make an eighth last about 3 months and that's with what I consider heavy use.

  8. I've been smoking heavily for over 2 years and have a high tolerance so I go through an eight in about two days, but that's probably because it's the summer before I go off to college so I'm chilling and smoking as much as possible.
    come back to grasscity in one year
  10. I was smokin an eigth a day an now i smoke a quarter eevery two weeks due tp moving an a shit new job... but hey i get a nicer high every smoke. Never want to be an 1/8th a day again.

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  11. Enjoy your low t bro I miss mine:wacko:

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  12. Before i got put on probation i smoked over a gram a weekdays and more than an 8th on weekend nights. Mostly because i had ALOT of friends that were always down to smoke.
    But an 8th a day? I wish i had money to blow like that.
  13. dude ive been toking for 11 years and an eighth last me damn near two weeks now. I dont smoke all the time, im kinda on again off again now days, but still....
    basically what nuke said, its not a contest, get high man, and enjoy that!
    and laugh at your buiddies that smoke $100 every 30min cause you dont need that shit! lol theres something to be said for doing it right the first time!
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    [SUB]<sub>ive been smoking daily from 15-21...22 now would be if i could but i'm on probation, anyways i can still smoke 1/2 a bowl (after smoking for weeks in a row) and be good for the night.  that being said i usually smoke at least 1-2 lol (usually half a bowl now half a bowl 45 mins later)[/SUB]</sub>
    [SUB]<sub>why the hell is my shit so small [/SUB]</sub>
  15. Sorry but your not "cooler" because you smoke more weed than the next guy. I prefer to save money, keep a low t, and save weed. 
    I'll indulge in copious amounts of tree from time to time but I never liked smoking every day 24/7. Basically did that freshman year of college. Got over that pretty quick. Also Omega 3's and Mangos help my tolerance stay low.
    My friends from freshman year are still like "yea man an eighth lasts me like 2 days". That sucks I get high as fuck off of a half a joint and an eighth lasts me a few weeks. 
    Hey but you gotta remember its all preference. Not everyone is gunna be the same.
  16. be happy with your tolerance, I smoke probably 2 grams a day and I have to smoke almost a gram in a session to get seriously stoned, it's not really as cool and fun as it sounds lol
  17. I just like to conserve :confused_2:
  18. Conserve your weed you dont need to smoke every day either. My friends spend thousands of dollars a year on weed. I spend maybe 60 every 2 months probably. Moderation is key.
  19. $1,560 a year, and im in the same boat as sad is that lol.....and were the lucky potheads!
  20. Yeah man its nice my tolerance stays the same and I dont like getting ripped so im always comfortable with my high when I do. Im fine with not smoking friends give me shit but I think it makes sense.

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