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It says Seasoned Tokers but...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tron, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. All I see are noobs. No disrespect, but there is a forum for all these newby questions on this site. Im not sure how long i can talk about pot before i get tired of thinking about it and start smoking it...

    by the way, i found out a secret ingredient in weed...its called fuckit. It makes you not do things you normally would.
  2. What was the point of this thread?
    I mean seriously.
    What a waste of bandwidth.
  3. im just making a point hopefully someone will recognize.
    you dont go onto a karate forum and start asking yellow belt questions to a bunch of crazy black belt ninjas
  4. ask a question and be a fool for 5minutes or ask nothing and be a fool forever...

    [edit]: I second hisdudeness300 below me *bangs gavel*:smoking:
  5. voted worst analagy of the day
  6. Analogy*. I see where Tron is coming from with this thread, I\'ve had the same thoughts run across my mind at times. I imagine its because people want to hear their questions asked from \"experts\" rather than people in the recreational forum.

  7. go roll yourself a schwag blunt
  8. examples

    Would you put a ROOR sticker on your vehicle?
    Blowing Out the Window - Cold to Hot / Hot to Cold
    Joints keep you lifited longer then pipes?
    Blunting Rules
    What Cartoon Character Would You Smoke WIth?

    then many topics about pot could you possibly make in the first place.
  9. You seem to have a problem with people learning... are you from the government?

    and you keep callin it pot... man the people I hear say that are parents and cops... and psychiatrists too, yea...
  10. i think seasoned is pretaining to the edgyness of this definatly has nothing at all to do w/age or amount of time you been smokin. hell i know long time smokers i stay clear of. just because they smoke along time doesnt make them any smarter?

    ive seen a lot of 18 to 22 yr olds here. i was very much a seasoned head at 18. i sure thought i was:) , but at my age now? i know i was young and greatfully i had more to experience bnd learn by way of living it.
  11. If you wanted a definitive answer on a question would you go to someone who is well versed in the field and has a lot of knowledge/experience on the matter or would you go to other people, who like you, don\'t know the answer?

    I thought so.

  12. You haven\'t realized the amount of posers that exist in the world today? It\'s not just limited to online forums bro, it\'s everywhere you go.

  13. Please don\'t feed this [SIZE=\"7\"][COLOR=\"Red\"]TROLL! [/COLOR][/SIZE]

  14. lol im sorry, but this post right here makes me think... is this guy even 18

    I dont think YOU should be hating on \"newb\" threads
  15. You have a very valid point here because I believe this section should be reserved for people that have been toking for awhile, and actually know what the fuck they\'re talking about. Maybe we need another section that deals primarily with new smoker questions and what not. [Seasoned tokers could choose to answer their questions from there or not.] Personally, I think its dumb to have a place that should be for long time tokers but is instead bombarded with tedious questions and posts.

    Not really.

    Un no, \"seasoned\" by its very definition means aged.

    [Seasoned, adj. - aged or processed; \"seasoned wood\" rendered competent through trial and experience; \"troops seasoned in combat\"; \"a seasoned traveler\"; \"veteran steadiness\"; \"a veteran officer\"]

    It should have everything to do with age and how long you\'ve been smoking dog. Sometimes the more experienced smokers need a place they can dialogue without being subjected to smokers that don\'t know as much. Don\'t get me wrong we\'ve all been new at one time or another, but that isn\'t the issue at all. The issue as I see it is that some people simply refuse to post where it\'s appropriate for them to do so, Mods are constantly moving threads around and reminding members where they should post with their thoughts or questions. Besides, so many questions and such could be quickly answered if members simply availed themselves of the search button.

    Us seasoned smokers need our own place too yo.

    Stay green.
  16. Let the mods handle it, OP. It\'s not your place to judge, anyway.
  17. lol... well it is an internet forum... and there are many topics that could go in either the recreation section or this one... they sort of overlap at times...
  18. I\'m not judging anyone, it\'s a fact. Everyone has a right to express their opinions here bro, whether you personally disagree with them or not. The Mods and Admins will make the final decisions but in order for the City to flourish we all have to add something.

    Ya dig?

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