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it pays to toke with your friends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. hey guys. well last friday i was chillin with my friend and i just so happen to have my bowl on me and i has enough bud left for 1 bowl. it was what was left afte 4/20 so this was 4/21 haha. well anyways we go out to the railroad yard and smoke up his car. we got good and blazed. well last night i was chillin with him again and i was talking about getting ready to peace out andhe turns around and says "hold on..."

    he breaks out a small bag and some papers and we roll this HUGE joint. it had to be like 1.5 grams. it was like almost 1/2 inch think. so we light it up and pass it around to the 3 of us. 1 joint between the 3 of us got me SO HIGH! it wasnt great bud but since i have like not body fat anymore my little 48 hour tollerence break dropped my tolelrence to nothing! then we get to the roach phase and we pack up this really cool bamboo piece and finnish it off

    heh so smoke your friends up when you can. they will return the favor. it was cool becuase i sleep 1000 times better high. plus im dry so it all happened at the perfect time.
  2. for sure dude. I always share when I have it, and I know my friends will treat me the same way. that's the way it should all be.
  3. I always smoke out my friends when they r home form school. I don't always have the bud, but it is free to them and wall get high. i love amoking my friends out. Good tymes. JOE>
  4. My one best friend and I just take turns buying. If I get an 1/8th, he'll buy the next. If he gets a half, I'll buy until I've bought that much. It's a pretty good system it seems. We smoke around an 1/8th a day between us.
  5. no shit.

    who else would you smoke with??

    but ya i do that all the time with my freinds. Another good thing to do is one buys the munchies and the other brings the pot, this is what i do with one friend and it always works out well for me because he does not smoke that much.
  6. I got my smoking buddy whos been with me since the beginnning days. Whenever i have a sack and he doesnt i smoke him out , same goes for him. And when we each got a sack, we just match bowls. "Give what you can, take what you need"
  7. Something like that happened to me yesterday. I lent my friend some money this one time a few months ago. It was only like $5 so I didn't really expect it back. So, two days ago in lunch, he walks up behind me and slips me a gram of dank. I was totally dry too, so that really made my day.
  8. unexpected weed always makes the day better.
  9. hell yea! its the best!
  10. yeah, I'm trying to cut back, so I'm not buying any weed for a while. I had given a friend a quarter ounce a couple weeks ago when she was dry, and she said that anytime I feel like smoking to come over and she'd roll one for us =) I'm trying to lighten up for the next month or two, so big yay! karma = good
  11. yes. that's what bud is. a social thing. it always feels good to smoke your friends up when they dont have anything, because you know they will smoke you up when they have bud and you dont. what goes around comes around, often times when you least expect it.
  12. more the merrier :smoking: i lvoe smokin ppl up

  13. dont know why but ya, that just sounds like a really good quote. I think i will put that in my sig when i am not so lazy.

    I like your sig by the way^^
  14. im picking up 1/2 o today i might head over there after work and smoke them up. plus anytime i go over there i get all the beer i want. haha the only prob is even if i have a bowl on my they like to smoke j's. im not a big fan of j's. not only that but wetween the 3 of us, we all suck at rolling. i mean i can roll one thats smokeable but not that great.
  15. nice, love your sig haha.

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